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It is important to understand that owning a pet is the major responsibility. Pet owners can face a variety of challenges with their pets. Pet Supplies Unlimited here to help your pets and you on everything pet related; from what to do with an ailing dog to set up a 10-gallon fish tank properly. We are a site created by animal lovers, enthusiasts, and pet professionals sharing expertise and knowledge on pets, in addition to our official team.

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creating a better world for pets and pet parents by providing helpful guides and information for all things pets in every aspect of caring for your beloved friends, Tips and tricks to keep your pet happy and healthy.  

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We employ a rigorous research process to guarantee excellence in every product we recommend, based on our tests & research, in order to help you avoid the bad stuff and purchase only what’s best for you and your pet.

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We Are Pet Enthusiasts! in addition to our editorial team, we have contributions from many animal lovers, pet researchers, dogs/cats/fish/birds owners and enthusiasts, writers, readers, and other expert contributors.


Small lizard sitting on human hand with text- The ultimate guide to keeping your first reptile as pet
Richard Witter

Reptile Pets Beginner Guide: A Complete Overview

In search of a pet that is exotic and fascinating to look at? Keeping a reptile as a pet would be a great choice. Especially for pet owners looking for unique, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-care creatures, getting the best reptile pet works excellent. However, remember that these cute reptiles have individual care requirements, and it’s advisable

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Sick dog next to dog food bowl with the text: Best dog food for allergies
Richard Witter

The 10 best dog food for dogs with allergies: an in-depth review

Your pup might be the best thing that has happened to you ever and trying to keep them fit and healthy can sometimes get exhausting. Dogs are susceptible to an array of allergies that can potentially lead to digestive issues, sneezing profusely, and itchy skin. The worst feeling that you might have to go through

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woman holding and kissing two kitten with text- THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER GUIDE TO OWNING YOUR FIRST CAT
Richard Witter

An Ultimate ‘CAT-ALICIOUS Guide To Getting Your First Cat

Are you ready to bring a soft, purring, and cute companion at home? Have you already started to shortlist the cat breed you want? Are you planning for some intrinsic and attractive décor that will make your cat feel at home? Before you get more excited about bringing a cat home, potential cat owners need

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Pet Fish

Sandra Althoff

The 10 Best Aquarium Heaters in 2020 Reviews & Buyer Guide

Did you know that having an aquarium with fishes is good for your health? However, did you know that the right heater for the aquarium is essential for the health of the fishes? If you are fond of colorful fishes swimming around, then either you already have an aquarium or are planning to get one! 

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