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11 Best Perches for African Grey Parrot - Reviews & Guide

First published:  January 29, 2024
Last updated: January 29, 2024
11 Best Perches for African Grey Parrot - Reviews & Guide
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The JW Comfy Perch is our top pick for the Best Perch for African Grey Parrot because of its flexibility providing secure footing, vibrant colors stimulating activity, reputable durable construction easing cleaning, and overall comfort aiding joint and foot health for this sensitive parrot species.

Providing the best perches for your African Grey is crucial to their health and happiness. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which perches are truly high-quality and well-suited to Greys and their impressive language learning abilities can be further enhanced with stimulating environments.

In this article, we’ve compiled the 11 highest-rated, most recommended perches suitable for African Greys after extensive testing and research. We’ve also explored all the top considerations from material to size to shape that you need to keep in mind.

With the proliferation of cheap, low-grade perches available, having a reliable guide is invaluable. Read on for reviews of our top 11 picks and a detailed buyer’s guide to help you provide your Grey with sturdy, safe, and enriching perches that will last.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Our Recommended African Grey Perches Picks

Based on our testing and experience, the following are our favorite perches you can buy for your African Grey bird(s). They are all made using quality materials to ensure safety and durability.

Please bear in mind that we are not providing any order for the products, but we tried to cover different types of perches with various price points so that everyone can find a product that suits their needs and budget.

Based on our research, testing, and experience, below is our final list:

JW Comfy Perch Flexible Bird Perch

The JW Comfy Perch is an excellent option for African Grey parrot owners looking for a high-quality, comfortable perch. This flexible rope perch comes in three sizes - small, medium and large - with the 32-inch medium size well-suited for a Grey's footing. The multicolor design blending six bright colors adds a decorative flair.

Made from a firm yet malleable blend, the JW Comfy Perch bends into varied shapes for enriched stimulation. Its rounded edges support joint health, while the textured surface enables a non-slip grip. This interactive toy that promotes activity and curiosity mounts via screw-off attachments to any cage side.

As a durable product from a reputable JW Pet brand, the Comfy Perch is easy to clean with simple hand washing. This rope texture and flexibility help mitigate calluses and foot sores common to hard, flat perches. The comfort and security it provides are ideal for a sensitive, high-strung species like the African Grey.


  • Stimulates with flexible bendable shape
  • Provides secure comfortable footing
  • Vibrant multicolor design
  • Durable construction and trusted brand
  • Easy mounting and portability between cages


  • Hand wash requirement takes more effort

With its flexibility, comfort, interactive nature, and sturdy build, the JW Comfy Perch is an excellent pick for Greys. Its multicolor blend adds aesthetic charm while the rope texture aids foot health. For an enriching, durable perch to keep your Grey healthy and engaged, choose the JW Comfy Perch.

Niteangel Parrot Perch - Wooden Platform Bird Perches

Next on our list is the Niteangel Parrot Perch, which provides an excellent place for parrots to play, rest and sleep. Made of natural wood, these perches have a unique shape designed to exercise your bird's feet and allow climbing and chewing.

With its flat surface and slight curve, the perch enables your bird to relax its feet comfortably while feeling secure, as if sitting on a sturdy tree branch. The textured fir wood construction makes it easy for small hooks to grip while playing or sleeping. Weighing only a few ounces, the lightweight perch can be installed almost anywhere using the included metal wing nut and bolt.


  • Unique shape provides physical and mental stimulation
  • Allows secure relaxation and foot rest
  • Durable fir wood supports healthy beak conditioning
  • Easy to install with included hardware
  • Lightweight construction enables placement flexibility


  • May not suit extra large parrot breeds

The uniquely shaped Niteangel perch promotes activity, comfort and health. Your feathered friends will appreciate this durable and lightweight wooden playground where they can hop, climb and gnaw for hours of entertainment. It's an affordable way to enrich their environment and nurture their natural behaviors.

Penn-Plax Bird Life Natural Wood Perch

Penn-Plax's Bird Life Natural Wood Perch provides an excellent activity center and healthy perching option for medium to large birds like African grey parrots. Made from natural, non-toxic wood, it mimics the shape and texture of real tree branches to create a comfortable and entertaining spot for your bird.

With three tapered branches of varying thickness, this tree perch helps exercise your bird's feet and leg muscles. The textured wood surface also aids in keeping the feet healthy. Two stainless steel cups screw into the horizontal branch to hold food and water. An integrated seed tray catches debris and lifts the entire stand off the floor. Weighing under 7 lbs, you can easily move it between rooms.

In terms of suitability for African grey parrots specifically, the 19" height and 20" width give plenty of interior space for your bird to climb and play. The half-inch to 1.5" thick perches provide an ideal range for African greys to grip and balance on. Given the durable wood material and stability provided by the wide base, this perch can withstand the chewing and climbing of larger parrots. The simple design blends into any room décor as well.


  • Mimics natural tree branches
  • Tapered perches exercise bird's feet
  • Stainless steel cups for food and water
  • Integrated seed tray catches mess
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Assembly requires one tool
  • Perch spacing may be tricky for very large birds

With its natural wood material, adjustable branches, and useful accessories, the Penn-Plax Bird Life Perch Tree promotes activity and health for African grey parrots. The durable design and portability also make this an easy recommendation for any large bird owner looking to enrich their pet's environment outside the cage.

Sweet Feet & Beak 12" Purple Pedicure Perch

The Sweet Feet & Beak 12" Purple Pedicure Perch is an excellent option if you're looking for a high-quality, durable, and safe perch for your African Grey Parrot. This perch promotes healthy feet and trimmed nails thanks to its smooth yet grippy pumice surfaces.

Made from a lightweight yet robust combination of plastic and pumice, this perch provides comfort while keeping your bird's nails trimmed. The smooth middle section is gentle on tender feet while the grippy side rails give your parrot's toes a safe place to grasp. The textured side surfaces also help file down overgrown nails.

You'll appreciate that this perch was designed with safety in mind. It uses non-toxic materials and dyes and comes with a plastic safety cap for easy cage installation. No sharp hardware is left exposed. Mounting the perch is quick and straightforward on both horizontal and vertical cage bars.

As a leading manufacturer of quality bird supplies, Sweet Feet & Beak constructed this perch to last. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. Your African Grey will love having a designated area to perch that helps maintain healthy feet and trim nails.


  • Promotes foot health and trimmed nails
  • Made of safe, non-toxic materials
  • Lightweight yet highly durable
  • Easy to install on all cage types
  • Trusted brand specializing in bird supplies
  • Available in various sizes and colors


  • Must be hand-washed
  • Pumice may wear over time

With its smart design focused on your bird's well-being, the Sweet Feet & Beak Perch belongs in every African Grey owner's cage. It provides an ideal roosting spot to keep your parrot's talons neatly filed while preventing soreness from overgrown nails. This high-quality perch will serve your Grey for years to come.

Borangs Wood Platform Perch

Our next pick - the Borangs wood platform perch provides pets like parrots and hamsters with a natural and safe place to play, rest and relieve boredom. Made from 100% fir wood, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. At around 6.9" x 6.9" x 0.5", the perch is an ideal size - lightweight enough to place in cage corners without occupying too much space.

The all-natural wood construction sets this climbing and resting perch apart from plastic alternatives. Your pets can feel secure playing and exercising on a smooth, polished surface that will not hurt their feet. The fir wood material is also hardy and easy to clean over time.

This Borangs perch offers natural material and polished finish to prevent injury. Fir wood is built to last through constant climbing and chewing, and as a dynamic playground accessory, the perch stimulates activity for bored birds.


  • 100% natural fir wood construction
  • Smooth polished surface protects feet
  • Lightweight and space-saving
  • Easy to clean over time
  • Provides climbing, play and rest area


  • May not fit very large bird cages

This versatile wood perch enhances environmental enrichment and safely nurtures natural behaviors. Its durable all-natural design stands out from flimsier plastic perches prone to chewing damage. While hand washing the unit requires some work, you can trust this long-lasting fir wood playground to stimulate activity for happier, healthier pets.

Hypeety Bird Perch with Suction Cups

The Hypeety Bird Perch is another excellent option for African Grey parrot owners looking to provide additional enrichment. Available with 2, 3, or 4 industrial-strength suction cups, these perches can be securely mounted to windows, showers, or other smooth surfaces.

I recommend the 3 suction cup perch for most African Grey owners. The triangular orientation of the suction cups provides excellent stability, while the textured plastic surface gives birds a comfortable and slip-resistant place to perch. At $11.70, the 3 suction cup version hits a nice sweet spot between price and functionality.

Regular use of these perches can benefit African Greys by allowing access to natural sunlight from windows for healthy feathers and bones. The perches also provide a place to bathe, which helps maintain feather quality. The non-toxic plastic construction contains no heavy metals or other contaminants.


  • Triangular suction cup design prevents sliding
  • Textured perch surface for secure footing
  • Allows window access for natural sunlight
  • Aids feather care through bathing
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • Plastic can scratch over time
  • Not the most durable

For African Grey owners looking to provide additional environmental enrichment, the Hypeety Bird Perch is an affordable and easy-to-install option. The utility it provides for bathing, sunlight exposure, and activity makes it well worth the reasonable price tag. I do recommend it to any African Grey owner.

Deloky 8 PCS Natural Wood Bird Perch Stand

The Deloky 8 Pieces Natural Wood Bird Perch Stand provides high-quality, durable perching options well-suited for different breeds of parrots. Constructed from natural hardwood, these perches promote healthy feet and beaks through opportunities to exercise, climb, chew and gnaw.

Installation takes seconds thanks to the built-in mounting hardware that allows you to securely fasten the perches inside any cage without tools or additional equipment. This makes reconfiguring and updating perches simple for cleaning or when you want to create a new simulation. The wood itself has a natural texture birds seem to enjoy while providing the perfect hardness for conditioning their beaks.

This set includes 8 thoughtfully designed pieces to create an enriching habitat – 3 hanging multi-branch perches, 3 standard perch stands, and 2 natural round platforms sized at 6.49 inches wide. The variety in shape and diameter exercises bird feet to prevent arthritis over time. Birds can easily move between different perches for dynamic climbing and hopping to stretch their wings. When they need rest, the platforms offer ample space to comfortably stand or groom each other.

For the price, this set provides fantastic value without cutting corners on materials or craftsmanship. If you want to upgrade your bird habitat with stimulating, durable perches purpose-built for safety and comfort, the Deloky 8 Piece Set is easily one of the best options on the market.


  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Natural wood texture birds enjoy
  • Variety in size/shape exercises feet
  • Built-in beak conditioning


  • Platforms run slightly small

The Deloky 8 Piece Natural Wood Perch Stand delivers tremendous value and versatility for the price. I confidently recommend them to any bird owner looking to upgrade their cage setup.

BWOGUE Stainless Steel Bird Mirror with Colorful Rope Perch

BWOGUE's bird mirror is an excellent option to consider for an interactive toy for larger parrots like African Greys. This well-constructed stainless steel mirror measures 10.6 by 7.87 inches and comes with a 0.98-inch diameter colorful rope perch. With its durable material and generous sizing, it will hold up well to use by bigger parrots.

The colorful rope perch provides a comfortable place for your African Grey to stand and climb. The steel mirror enables self-play and amusement when you're not actively engaging with your parrot. The integrated metal hooks make it simple to install in most cages without tools.

Some key benefits for your African Grey are exercise from climbing, visual stimulation and curiosity about their reflection, and boredom relief when they're home alone. The capacity to “play alone” can prevent these highly intelligent birds from developing problem behaviors like screaming when not sufficiently entertained.


  • Durable stainless steel mirror withstands large parrots
  • Thick colorful rope good for climbing and chewing
  • Relieves boredom and encourages activity
  • Easy to install with built-in metal hooks
  • Provides mental stimulation from mirror interaction


  • Mirror requires occasional cleaning
  • May not work for birds scared of their reflection

The BWOGUE stainless steel mirror hits all the key marks for an engaging toy for larger parrots like African Greys. If you want a long-lasting product to enrich your intelligent bird's environment, this mirror with rope perch is an excellent choice. It promotes both physical and mental activity to support their overall wellbeing.

Penn-Plax Bird Life Calcium Bird Perch

The Penn-Plax Bird Life Calcium Bird Perch is an ideal choice for large bird species like African grey parrots. This 12-inch metal perch attaches easily to any cage and is designed to promote health while providing a stable, non-slip grip.

You'll appreciate that this perch is fortified with calcium, allowing your African grey to trim its beak and nails naturally through chewing and clawing motions. The textured surface facilitates this grooming process. Unlike standard wooden dowels which can harbor bacteria, this metal perch can be washed by hand when needed.

An innovative tapered shape with variable diameters reduces muscle fatigue by letting your parrot's feet wrap securely. This ergonomic approach lessens strain and the likelihood of bumblefoot. The perch's vivid colors stand out appealingly against most cage backdrops without posing safety issues.


  • Fortified with health-boosting calcium
  • Textured non-slip grip enhances safety
  • Tapered design reduces foot stress
  • Vivid colors blend with most cages
  • Durable metal withstands heavy use


  • Sharp edges if not deburred smoothly

Given its specialized calcium nutrition and ergonomic shaping, Penn-Plax's textured metal perch enables African greys to prune naturally while standing securely. This stimulating combination keeps large birds active and healthy in style. If seeking hassle-free calcium delivery alongside reliable traction, this rugged 12-inch perch makes an ideal investment.

Litewoo Bird Perch Stainless Steel Stand

This Stainless Steel Stand Perch is a good option for African Grey parrot owners looking for a high-quality, durable perch. With its stainless steel construction, non-slip surface, and secure installation, this perch provides stability and comfort for greys while naturally grooming their beaks and nails.

This stand perch comes in four thoughtfully designed sizes to accommodate birds both large and small. The XL option at 12.22” x 1.22” is ideal for a fully grown grey, providing ample space for them to stand and play comfortably. Its diamond patterned surface not only provides a reliable grip for avian feet but also files down overgrown beaks and claws. This promotes healthy feet and prevents injury from sharp points.

Installation is a breeze with the single side lock and two wing nuts that let you securely fasten the perch inside any cage. Additionally, its stainless steel body is odorless, easy to sanitize, and built to withstand years of use. With proper placement, even the most acrobatic of birds will find this to be a beloved and safe place to stretch their wings.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Non-slip diamond pattern for secure footing
  • Trims beaks and nails naturally
  • Easy to install mounting hardware
  • Odorless and easy to clean
  • Made to last for years


  • You must choose the size carefully to suit your bird

For Greys and their owners alike, the Litewood Stainless Steel Stand Perch checks all the boxes. With its veterinarian-recommended design, safe textured surface, and sturdy stainless steel build, you can feel confident providing this perch as a roosting spot that promotes your bird’s comfort and health. It makes an excellent and eye-catching addition to any African Grey cage setup.

HICOBOS Nature Wood Bird Perch

You're seeking the perfect perch for your African Grey parrot, and the HICOBOS Nature Wood Bird Perch proves to be a promising choice. Crafted with precision, this perch boasts a pattern of 15.4x10.5 inches, aligning with the needs of small, medium, and large parrots.

Constructed from natural prickly ash wood, known for its inherent strength and durability, the perch assures a safe and natural environment for your feathered friend. The wood is sourced responsibly, cut from trees, dried, and transformed into a perch that's not only sturdy but also completely safe for your pet.

What sets this perch apart is its versatility. The movable design allows you to hang it both inside and outside the cage. Your parrot can then bask in the sunlight while enjoying the perfect perch swing and chewing toy. The sturdy metal chain and hooks connecting the perch branches ensure your parrot's safety and entertainment.

In addition, the package includes clear instructions, enabling you to complete the setup in minutes. It's a hassle-free process that reflects your love and care for your feathered companion.


  • Durable prickly ash wood.
  • Versatile design for both in-cage and out-cage use.
  • Sturdy metal chain and hooks guarantee safety.
  • Perfect size catering to small, medium, and large parrots.
  • Easy installation with included instructions.


  • Limited color options.

The HICOBOS Nature Wood Bird Perch provides a thoughtful design combining natural elements with practicality. It offers a secure and engaging space for your parrot, making it a top contender among the options available.

Buying Guide - How to Choose Perches for Your African Grey Parrot?

Finding the ideal perches for your African Grey is crucial for providing a healthy, engaging environment. Here are the key factors to consider when selecting perches:

Material & Price Point

african grey perch

Depending on the materials, build quality and included accessories, you should expect to pay anywhere between under $10 and as high as $60 on a perch for your African Grey. These are made using various materials.

  • Natural wood perches are comfortable for birds, but they require frequent replacement as they wear down.
  • Concrete perches are extremely heavy-duty, but their hard surface can feel cold for birds.
  • Rope perches are flexible and look nice, but Greys will shred and fray the rope fibers quickly, so they don't last.
  • Plastic perches come in colorful options, but some can be too slick for a Grey's grip.

Evaluate each material for appropriate safety, durability, comfort and how easy it is to clean and disinfect regularly. Avoid any perches with toxic finishes or preservatives.

Size and Shape

The perch diameter should allow your your Grey to grasp it firmly with their toes without cramping - ideal widths are 1"-2". The length of the perch should permit a full, comfortable range of motion while the bird is using it.

Offer a variety of widths to exercise your Grey's feet. Include different shapes like oval, round, square and irregular to engage their mind.

Also, size perches appropriately to match the average African Grey foot span of 1.5"-2". Proper sizing helps prevent muscle and foot problems.

Special Features

african grey parrot perch

The special features of the perch are also important things to consider. Choose the right type of perches based on the needs of your pet bird.

For instance, activity perches featuring toys, textures and materials to shred or manipulate provide mental stimulation and engagement. Portable perches allow safe travel with your bird outside of their cage. Chewable perches help wear down overgrown beaks and condition the beak. Platform perches provide a secure, comfortable resting space. Enrichment perches can help relieve boredom and prevent destructive behaviors.

Preferably, a mix of different types will help provide a more diversified stimulus and keep the bird happy and engaged in different activities.


Inspect each perch for any potential injury hazards. Look for toxic paints, pesticides, preservatives, or metals that could be harmful if ingested.

Furthermore, ensure the perch can fully support your Grey's weight without shaking or swaying. Avoid perches with sharp edges, points or crevices that could trap the bird's toes or beaks.

Easy Cleaning

Choose non-porous perch materials that won't trap waste, bacteria and moisture. Also, avoid natural wood with grooves, plastic with indentations, and rope fibers where germs can accumulate.

In addition, ensure perches can be washed and disinfected regularly, and replace natural wood perches frequently to prevent mold.

Proper regular cleaning prevents illness and/or injury. Do your best to replace perches as soon as they show signs of wear.

Final Thoughts

We hope our detailed reviews of the 11 best perches along with the in-depth buyer’s guide has helped simplify your decision of choosing a good perch for your beoved feathery friend.

By keeping key factors like material, size, shape, and special features in mind while also considering your bird's needs, you can confidently select high-quality perches.

Try to provide an assortment of accessories for enrichment. Look for non-toxic materials that won't break down, and don't forget about portability for travel. Investing in durable, specially designed perches will keep your Grey active and engaged in healthy behaviors.

Providing your African Grey with stimulating toys is crucial for their physical and mental well-being. Beyond perches, a variety of engaging toys can prevent boredom, encourage natural behaviors, and strengthen your bond with your feathered companion.

Thanks for reading!

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