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Welcome Pet Lovers! Pet Supplies Unlimited is Your source for all things pets in every aspect of caring for your beloved friends. We're here to help your pets and you with everything pet related; from what to do with an ailing dog to set up a 10-gallon fish tank properly. We are a site created by animal lovers, enthusiasts, and pet professionals sharing expertise and knowledge on pets, in addition to our official team.


Pet related Information and In Depth Product Reviews

Our website is dedicated to animal well-being. By delivering pet supplies reviews, product tests, and advice in addition to pet-related care & informational content, our mission is to create a better world for pets and owners themselves. We feel that pet health and well-being may and needs to be improved through nutrition, medical, and lifestyle care, but at the same, we would also like to make pet care as easy possible for pet parents. This is precisely why we exist; to make your pet’s life more comfortable and much better, as well as your own life, dear reader.

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Whether it's an invisible dog fence, an aquarium light system, or reptile food information, no two posts are the same, but our review process is always unique. In Pet Supplies Unlimited we concentrate on gathering first-hand, well-researched, expert knowledge on any particular niche area from pets to pet products. We find the more informed you are about service or a product, the better equipped you are to make an instructed purchase which you feel confident about. Our Pet Products Review Process is:

1- Purchasing and testing the product
2- In-depth, online and offline, topic research
3- Expert reviews from users and pet owners
4- Customer feedback from other platforms
5- Comments on other legit review sites and retailers (Amazon, BBB, Yelp, etc.)
6- User feedback from social media channels


We need only the very best for them Since we deeply care about our pets. We employ a rigorous research process to guarantee excellence in everything we produce. When we write about a specific pet care topic or product selection, we have one or two members of our team -- who are already experienced at a specified topic -- delve deep into the subject so that they could be at the top of all trends and potential updates.
They check and take into consideration consumer reviews found online so that they may have a balanced view on a topic. Then they consult with different specialists. We consider this procedure to create the best outcome, both in pet care advice and product recommendations as it enables our readers to pick the best products.
We've made this system within the last years which our readers trust. It gives us the chance to supply you with a very in-depth overview of any product, service, or company Since we immerse ourselves in the topics each and every day.

Meet The Editorial team

Richard E Witter Pet Supplies Unlimited Team

Richard E Witter


My name is Richard; I retired from practicing veterinary medicine back in 2018, Veterinary medicine, for me, wasn’t about making money; it was considered something I was born to do. I love animals more than anything in life; I still don't consider myself fully retired; I am still doing volunteer work from time to time. I purchased this website in 2020, with the intention to provide maximum value to the people who are, like us, passionate about their pets and animals in general! With the help of my team, pet owners, writers, and other expert contributors, we aim to give the best possible information to our readers. Feel free to get in touch with us if you think you can add value and contribute to our journey.

Email Richard at:

Cheryl A Mysliwiec Pet Supplies Unlimited Team

Cheryl A Mysliwiec

Marketing Manager

Hi, my name is Cheryl! Happy wife and mother of a child (Anna), a cat (Sassy), and a dog (Oscar). I am a marketing specialist and a pet enthusiast. I’ve grown up surrounded by animals. I have always loved animals and have had an array of dogs over the years. I have a great affinity with animals and love getting to know and understand their nature. I am a proud member of the Pet Supplies Unlimited products reviews team and outreach marketing specialist. Feel free to contact me by email.

Email Cheryl at:

Brian M Hendricks Pet Supplies Unlimited Team

Brian M Hendricks

Content Manager

What’s up? I’m Brian. The content manager in Pet Supplies Unlimited, I had a wide variety of pets in my house over the last few years, like turtles, rabbits, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, squirrels, and a wide range of little animals. I always make sure that every article is deeply researched and reviewed by all our team of specialists, following our review process if it's a product review. Are you a pet enthusiast willing to share your experience with us, or just have a story to tell our readers? Feel free to shoot me a message!

Email Brian at:

Gavin M McGuffin Pet Supplies Unlimited Team

Gavin McGuffin

Tehnical Administrator

Hi, my name is Gavin. I am a web development specialist and a huge pet enthusiast. From a very young age, my love for animals, specifically cats, has shaped my life. I am a proud member of Pet Supplies Unlimited website, responsible for the technical side of things, but I do contribute to content research and production often. Feel free to drop me a message if you need anything or just want to discuss our passion for pets.

Email Gavin at:

Sandra S Althoff Pet Supplies Unlimited Team

Sandra S Althoff

Content Editor

Hey, my name is Sandra. I am 24 years old. I am a runner, hiker, and love being outside! I love dogs and have experience dog sitting a variety of dog breeds. I also love writing especially when it comes to pet-related topics. Pets have been such a special and important part of my life. My goal is to contribute my experience as a pet trainer. And I am incredibly passionate about sharing my information with this website readers.

Email Sandra at:

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