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10 Best Reptile Vitamins - Reviews & Guide

First published:  February 7, 2024
Last updated: February 8, 2024
10 Best Reptile Vitamins - Reviews & Guide
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The Fluker's Calcium Reptile Supplement is our top pick for the Best Reptile Vitamins due to its formulation of premium calcium and added Vitamin D3 which supports strong, healthy bones and vital functions in a variety of reptile species, both indoor and outdoor. The powder supplement is easy to apply and made in the USA with quality ingredients.

Providing your reptile pet with a quality vitamin supplement is crucial to supporting their health and well-being. Reptiles need vitamins and minerals just like any other animal, but their unique nutritional requirements mean not just any supplement will do.

In this article, we will review the 10 best reptile vitamins on the market. We considered factors like quality of ingredients, vitamin and mineral content, price, and customer reviews to pick the top reptile vitamin supplements.

Whether you have a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, turtle, or snake, you're sure to find the right vitamin to meet your reptile's needs.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Our Recommended Vitamins & Complements for Reptile Pets

The following are our recommendations for vitamins to get if you want your reptile(s) to be healthy and happy. We provided a diversified list so that you can get all the vitamins you need from a single place.

Fluker's Calcium Reptile Supplement with added Vitamin D3

Fluker's Calcium Reptile Supplement is a premium calcium powder formulated specifically for reptiles, including lizards, snakes and turtles ( but also suitable for frogs). Available in 2 and 4-ounce sizes, this supplement supports strong, healthy bones and vital bodily functions in reptiles. It contains added Vitamin D3 making it suitable for animals kept indoors.

This calcium supplement is made in the USA and provides a balance of essential nutrients reptiles need at every stage of life. It serves as an all-in-one calcium solution whether you have a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, iguana, turtle, or other reptile. The powder is easy to use - simply dust your pet's insects or vegetables before feeding for optimal nutrient absorption.


  • Supports healthy bones and vital functions
  • Added Vitamin D3 for indoor reptiles
  • Suitable for a wide range of species
  • Easy powder application on food
  • Made in the USA with quality ingredients


  • Only available in 2 sizes
  • Powder form can be messy

If you're looking for the best calcium and vitamin supplement to support your reptile's health, Fluker's Calcium Reptile Supplement is an excellent choice. It delivers comprehensive calcium and nutrients reptiles need for proper bone development and bodily function. The added Vitamin D makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor pets. With quality ingredients made in the USA, you can trust Fluker's to provide superior nutrition. This calcium supplement is a must-have product for any responsible reptile owner.

Zilla Vitamin Supplement Food Spray

The Zilla Reptile Vitamin Supplement provides essential vitamins for optimal health and development in reptiles and amphibians. As a liquid spray, it allows you to easily mist your pet's food with a precise dose of vital nutrients 15 seconds before serving.

With a specialized combination of vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, niacin, folic acid, and beta carotene, this supplement aids calcium metabolism and supports your reptile's basic physiological functions. The ingredients are simple yet complete - just water and 12 key vitamins/compounds your pet needs.

You'll appreciate how quick and convenient the spray bottle makes supplementing your reptile's meals. Simply shake well before each use and mist their foods ranging from greens to insects. The light mist dries rapidly, so the vitamins adhere but don't dampen or alter the food's texture.

Your reptiles will benefit from better nutrient absorption, and you'll have peace of mind knowing their unique nutritional requirements are being met. This can lead to improved energy, growth, shedding, coloration, and overall vitality. It's also very affordable for an 8 oz bottle that should last 1-3 months depending on your reptile's size and diet.


  • Contains 12 essential vitamins reptiles need
  • Aids calcium metabolism and absorption
  • Easy spray-on application takes seconds
  • Light mist won't dampen or alter food
  • Improves energy, growth and vitality
  • Cost-effective for 1-3 months' supply


  • Can dry out if not capped properly
  • Doesn't contain minerals or protein

For vitamin supplementation, Zilla Reptile Vitamin Spray is a complete, convenient solution. It provides the right nutrients to support your reptile's health and pairs perfectly with a balanced diet and proper UV lighting. Simply mist and mix it into your pet's foods for a simple way to improve their wellbeing.

Exo Terra Calcium + D3 Powder Supplement for Reptiles and Amphibians

As an ultra-fine powder made for reptiles and amphibians, Exo Terra's Calcium + D3 Powder Supplement is an excellent choice. With high calcium levels (35-37%) and added vitamin D3 for proper calcium absorption, this supplement helps ensure reptiles get the calcium they need.

The ultra-fine powder mixes smoothly into fruits, vegetables and insects. Reptiles don't always eagerly take supplements, but the fine texture and neutral flavor of this powder means you can mix it inconspicuously into foods. The directions also recommend combining it with Exo Terra's Multi-Vitamin Powder for a complete nutritional supplement.

Importantly, Exo Terra's calcium and D3 powder contains no added phosphorus. Having proper calcium-phosphorus ratios is vital for reptiles, as excess phosphorus can prevent them from properly utilizing calcium. Along with the balanced vitamin D3 for better absorption, this phosphorus-free formula is thoughtfully created to support bone health.

As a brand, Exo Terra is a leader in reptile products, with a reputation for quality and innovation earned over years in the reptile industry. Their expertise shows with thoughtful touches like a resealable bag to maintain the freshness of the powder.


  • Ultra fine powder mixes completely into foods
  • High 35-37% calcium and added vitamin D3
  • Made for reptiles
  • No added phosphorus


  • Only available in 16 oz tub

Thoughtfully formulated by a trusted brand, this supplement provides what reptiles need for strong, long-term bone health. For reptile owners looking to provide excellent nutrition including usable calcium and vitamin D3, Exo Terra's Calcium + D3 Powder Supplement is an excellent choice, especially if mixed with their own multi-vitamin powder.

Nature Zone Herp Pro Supplements for Bearded Dragons

The Nature Zone Herp Pro supplement is one of the best calcium and probiotic powders for bearded dragons. Using it daily for your pet dragon over a few months will yield seen excellent results in bone development and digestion.

The ultra-fine powder formula mixes seamlessly into any fruits or vegetables without clumping or dust. It contains highly bioavailable calcium and vitamin D3 for proper bone growth and strength. The probiotics and digestive enzymes also help promote healthy gut flora and increase nutrient absorption from the reptile's diet.

Compared to other powders, the Herp Pro powder has a neutral scent and taste, so your bearded dragon will gobble up her salads without hesitation. The resealable bag keeps the contents fresh too.


  • Ultrafine, odorless powder
  • Added probiotics and enzymes
  • Calcium and vitamin D3
  • Resealable packaging
  • Boosts appetite


  • Only one size option
  • Powder clumps if exposed to moisture

Given its affordable price point and high-quality ingredients safe for daily use, the Nature Zone Herp Pro supplement ranks as one of my top recommendations for optimal reptile health. Both novice and expert reptile owners would benefit from this calcium-rich formula with gut-healthy probiotics.

Fluker's Repta-Vitamin Multi-Vitamin with Beta Carotene

Next on our list is Fluker's Repta+Vitamin, a multi-vitamin supplement specially made to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles. It contains essential vitamins, beta carotene, amino acids in pure crystalline form, and a blend of trace elements and minerals vital for your reptile's health.

The Repta+Vitamin stands out for its high-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. The crystalline amino acids promote growth and muscle development, while the vitamin and mineral blend supports bone health, metabolism and immunity. Beta carotene is a precursor for vitamin A production and offers antioxidant protection against cell damage.

In addition, if for any reason you are not satisfied with Repta+Vitamin, Fluker's will buy back the product. This shows the company stands behind the safety and efficacy of its formulations.

An attached guide provides insightful tips from experienced reptile owners on using supplements. You can better understand how to integrate Repta+Vitamin into your pet's feeding routine for optimal results. The tips help ensure proper dosage for your reptile's species, age, and size.


  • Contains essential nutrients reptiles need
  • Amino acids promote growth and development
  • Mineral blend supports bone health
  • Beta carotene offers antioxidant protection
  • Worry-free buy-back guarantee


  • Doesn't list exact amounts per ingredient

If you want vitamin supplementation tailored to your reptile's nutritional requirements, Fluker's Repta+Vitamin is undoubtedly a very good choice. The high-purity ingredients, reptile owner-approved tips, and satisfaction guarantee give you confidence in maintaining your pet's health. Simply mix into your reptile's foods following the feeding tips to start them on the path of greater wellness.

Nutribac Dietary Supplement for Reptiles and Amphibians

Nutribac is an all-natural probiotic that supports reptile and amphibian health. With regular use, this supplement can help stimulate appetite and replenish beneficial gut flora lost due to stress, poor diet, hostile cage mates, or mild illness.

As the only patented probiotic for herptile use, Nutribac stands above generic supplements. Its specialized bacillus formula contains seven strains selected for efficacy in reptiles and amphibians. The ingredients list shows no artificial additives - just probiotics and a minimal amount of maltodextrin carrier.

At 50 grams per container, the powder dosage can be easily calibrated and mixed into foods or water for picky eaters. Nutribac advertises no known side effects, allowing safe long-term use alongside other essential reptile vitamins and supplements. Customers confirm seeing improved appetite and vitality after starting regular Nutribac supplementation.


  • All-natural specialized probiotic strains
  • Patented for reptiles and amphibians
  • Stimulates appetite and gut health
  • Safe for long-term use
  • Customizable powder dosage


  • Contains maltodextrin carrier
  • Not a complete vitamin

If you need to stimulate appetite and digestive health in a stubborn, stressed, or picky reptile or amphibian, Nutribac's specialized probiotic offers a safe, proven way to replenish essential gut flora. When paired with a high-quality staple diet and full spectrum vitamin, this proprietary supplement fills the gut health niche missing in most herptile care regimens.

Nekton Tonic R for Fruit and Nectar Eating Reptiles

Our next pick - Nekton's Tonic R is a nutritional supplement that meets the dietary needs of carnivorous, herbivorous, and nectar-eating reptiles. It contains a balanced blend of nutrients including carbohydrates, fats, 18 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients aimed at supporting reptile health.

You can add the Tonic R to your reptile's food or water for a boost in nutrition. The recommended dosage is 1 gram (using the included spoon) mixed with 10 ml of water or 10 grams of soft food. For prevention of deficiency symptoms, it can be given 2-3 times per week or daily during times of stress.

In terms of features, the Nekton Tonic R stands out for its L-form amino acids which are highly bioavailable, allowing reptiles to properly absorb and utilize protein without taxing their digestive system. The inclusion of specific vitamins like A, D3, E, and B vitamins also helps meet essential needs.


  • Contains easily absorbed L-form amino acids to support protein utilization
  • Nutrient profile addresses the needs of various reptile eating habits
  • Boosts nutrition for preventing deficiencies
  • Aids recovery for sick or stressed reptiles
  • Dosage spoon included for precise measurements


  • Only available in 100g or 200g sizes
  • Must be stored properly to maintain quality

To optimize your pet's nutrition, Nekton Tonic R is a quality reptile vitamin with an impressively comprehensive nutritional profile. While it does need proper storage, the inclusion of a dosage spoon eases administration.

Gargeer Reptile Probiotics

Gargeer's Reptile Probiotics are a premium digestive and immune health supplement specially formulated for reptiles. Containing a blend of 5 live beneficial bacteria, these probiotics support improved appetite, digestion and nutrient absorption and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. The ultrafine powder sticks well to insects and mixes thoroughly into salads, making it easy to administer the recommended dose of 1 teaspoon per pound of food.

Suitable for use with bearded dragons, snakes and all reptile species, the Gargeer Reptile Probiotics promote overall health and wellness. The probiotics replenish good gut flora to strengthen the immune system and aid in relief from stress. Each 2oz jar provides a 60-90 day supply, depending on the size of your reptile.

This product contains no impurities and is made in the USA with high standards of quality control. The 5 specially selected strains of live bacteria are proven to benefit reptile health. Regular use over time leads to improved digestion, increased appetite, better weight management, and shiny scales/skin.


  • Supports healthy gut flora and immune function
  • Ultrafine powder adheres well to insects/food
  • Easy 1 tsp per lb dosage recommendation
  • 2oz jar lasts 60-90 days
  • Suitable for all reptile species


  • Need refrigeration after opening

Reptile owners seeking a high-quality probiotic that delivers digestive, appetite and immune support should consider the Gargeer Reptile Probiotics. The commitment to purity and potency ensures your reptile receives maximum benefits from regular supplementation.

Nature Zone Turtle Eye Vitamin Supplement

The Nature Zone turtle eye vitamin supplement helps support eye health in turtles. As a balanced blend of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and phytonutrients, this supplement aims to prevent vision problems and deficiencies.

You can trust Nature Zone to deliver a quality vitamin made just for reptiles. Their specialized formula provides the necessary nutrients turtles need for healthy eyes and good vision. This includes vitamin A, which plays a vital role in protecting the eyes and supports proper functioning.

The drops are easy to administer directly into your turtle's mouth or mixed with food. Since they are unflavored, your turtle likely won't even notice them. The formula is safe for all life stages, from hatchlings to fully grown adults.

Consistent use helps fend off common eye issues like swelling, irritation, and puffiness. These symptoms typically arise from nutritional deficiencies but can be avoided with proper supplementation. Nature Zone's broad spectrum of eye-essential vitamins and antioxidants offers preventative protection.


  • Made for turtle eye health
  • Provides vitamin A to prevent eye issues
  • Easy unflavored drops for direct dosing
  • Safe formula for all life stages
  • Balanced blend of eye-essential nutrients


  • Only prevents, doesn't treat existing issues

Nature Zone's turtle eye vitamin supplement delivers an impressively complete nutritional profile. This specialized formula offers everything your turtle needs for protecting eye condition and vision - making it our top choice among reptile eye supplements. The concentration of active ingredients prevents deficiencies leading to eye swelling, irritation, and cloudiness. Consistent use safeguards eye integrity across all life stages.

Gargeer Reptile Color Enhancer

The Gargeer Color Enhancer contains a blend of carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals aimed at improving digestive health, enhancing color vibrancy, and supporting overall wellness in captive reptiles.

Unlike a reptile's wild diet, which provides diverse nutrients, captive diets can lack variety, leading to nutritional deficiencies over time. This product aims to fill those gaps. It uses premium ingredients like alfalfa, beet, carrot, yeast, kelp, and an array of necessary vitamins. There are no low-quality fillers.

You simply mix the powder into your reptile's feeds once weekly in several ways - blend into complete feeds, gut-load insects, sprinkle on vegetables, or combine with existing supplements. The company recommends refrigerating between uses to extend shelf life after opening.

When used as directed, the nutrients and carotenoids can bring out richer reds, oranges, and yellows in your reptile without the risk of oversupplementing. Bright, vibrant colors are a sign of good health. The product is also made in the USA, showing commitment to quality control.


  • Enhances color vibrancy indicating good health
  • Made in the USA with premium ingredients
  • Easy to mix into existing feeds once weekly
  • No low-quality fillers


  • Must refrigerate after opening to extend shelf life

When shopping for the best reptile vitamins, the Gargeer Color Enhancer is a quality USA-made formula using premium ingredients tailored to a reptile's nutritional needs. The added color-enhancing carotenoids provide extra support. If you want to bring out your reptile's brightest, healthiest colors while providing comprehensive vitamin support, this supplement deserves strong consideration.

Buying Guide - Key Factors to Consider While Choosing Reptile Vitamins

To ensure that you make the best choice for your beloved reptile, we compiled a list of factors to consider and provide some tips to keep in mind to ensure your choice is safe and won't cause any issues.

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Choosing a Safe Reptile Vitamin

When selecting a vitamin for your reptile, safety should be your number one priority. Make sure the supplement is formulated specifically for reptiles and that all ingredients are non-toxic.

Many regular pet vitamins contain ingredients that are harmless to dogs and cats but can be dangerous for reptiles. Steer clear of any vitamins containing artificial dyes, flavors, or unnecessary preservatives.

Reptile vitamins should be free of wheat, corn, and other common allergens. Also, verify the vitamin was produced in a facility dedicated to manufacturing supplements for reptiles only. This helps ensure your reptile’s vitamin is free of any problematic ingredients.

Analyzing the Ingredient List

Carefully analyze the entire ingredient list before choosing a reptile vitamin. Key nutrients to look for include calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin A. Calcium supports bone health, vitamin D3 aids calcium absorption and vitamin A bolsters immunity.

Vegetarian sources of these nutrients are ideal, such as algae-based D3. Whole food ingredients like kelp, carrots, and blueberries are also excellent. Synthetic copies of nutrients are less ideal than vitamin sources from real foods.

Beyond the basics, some reptile vitamins also contain probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, and plant extracts for additional benefits. However, be wary of any unnecessary fillers, flavors, sugars, or other additives that provide no nutritional value. Ideally, the ingredient list should be short and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and superfoods.

Selecting Quality Manufacturing

To ensure safety and efficacy, only purchase reptile vitamins manufactured in countries with high-quality control standards for supplements. Reptile vitamins made in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are the best options. Supplement facilities in these areas adhere to strict government regulations.

Certain other countries, on the other hand, have a reputation for low-quality standards, contaminated products, inconsistent dosing, and false labeling. For this reason, selecting vitamins made domestically or in reputable Western countries gives you confidence in the quality.

Evaluating Cost


Expect to pay between $10-30 for a high-quality, veterinarian-recommended reptile vitamin. Very cheap supplements around $5 are likely cheaply made and ineffective. Also, be cautious of exorbitantly priced designer brands making unfounded claims.

The sweet spot for reptile vitamins is typically $15-25 for a bottle lasting 1-2 months. Compare the monthly cost to the ingredients and manufacturing quality - not just price alone. A slightly more expensive but ultra-premium vitamin with exceptional ingredients is better than a cheap product full of fillers.

With that said, a $40 bottle is not necessarily 4 times better than a $10 option. Assess value for money spent based on the formula and safety assurances.

Consulting Exotic Vets

Speaking to an exotic veterinarian for reptile vitamin recommendations can help narrow your choices. Vets stay current on the newest supplements and best formulas for optimal reptile health. Some reptile vitamins are even veterinarian-designed.

Doctors can also advise you on specific vitamins tailored to different reptile species, ages, and health needs. If your reptile has an underlying condition, your vet can suggest vitamins to help manage those issues. While still doing your own research, a vet consultation ensures you get expert guidance in choosing the right vitamin(s).

Sticking to Reptile-Specific Products

It may seem convenient to just buy one vitamin for all your pets, but reptile nutritional needs differ greatly from cats and dogs. Make sure to purchase a supplement designed exclusively for reptiles, not other animals.

Dog or cat vitamins can be deficient in key reptile nutrients like calcium and vitamin D3. They may also contain additives like rosemary extract that are harmless to mammals but toxic to lizards and snakes.

Additionally, the proper vitamin dosing for a bearded dragon varies vastly from a Labrador. So always opt for vitamins formulated just for scaled reptiles to provide the right nutrient profile.

Understanding the nutritional needs of your pet is vital, and so is knowing more about their biological classifications. If you've ever wondered about the natural distinctions that define reptile and amphibian classifications, you can check out our article on what is the difference between a reptile and an amphibian.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right reptile vitamin ultimately comes down to understanding your pet's needs and picking a high-quality supplement formulated for reptiles. Stick to reputable brands that use quality ingredients and provide all the key nutrients reptiles require. Consulting with an exotic vet can also help determine if your reptile has any special nutritional requirements.

Providing a supplement on top of a balanced diet is crucial for maintaining optimal reptile health. With our reviews of the top 10 best reptile vitamins and the detailed buyer's guide, you now have all the information you need to select the perfect vitamin to keep your scaled, cold-blooded companion happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading!

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