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Detailed Review Of The 10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders That Actually Work

First published:  August 15, 2020
Last updated: March 13, 2024
Detailed Review Of The 10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders That Actually Work
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The Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is our top pick for the best squirrel proof bird feeder. It is made with chew-proof Rox Resin and has tiny dispensing holes that squirrels cannot access. The perching zone immediately measures the squirrel's weight and closes the lid if it is too heavy, preventing the squirrel from reaching the seed. The feeder is also easy to clean and has a ventilation system to keep the seed fresh.

It is often a challenge for bird watchers to put up feeders because of the presence of banes like raccoons and squirrels; they are constantly on the hunt to get what they want. Persistent squirrels always want a piece of whatever a bird is having and can go to any lengths to snatch it away - they jump from branches and rooftops and even five feet from the ground chewing through barriers. As a result, it is often difficult for birders to keep their bird feeders safe from the wrath of raccoons, rats, and pesky squirrels constantly trying to steal the seeds and destroy the bird feeders.

The real question is, how do you plan to keep such obstacles away while preparing food for a wild bird?

The solution is simple - use a squirrel-proof wild bird feeder!

Squirrel-proof bird feeders (also known as squirrel busters) allow you to put their food safely in without the unnecessary intrusion of any food robbers.

Also, ensure that while installing your bird feeder, you install it at a safe distance from your home and the nearby walls and trees. This will cut the accessibility that these little thieves might have both to your feeder and your own home. It's very important to keep the birds and their food safe, but it's even more important to avoid being invaded by pests while trying to do so. 

If you are looking for the best squirrel-proof bird feeder, you have come to the right place - this article will help you find some of the best bird feeders that the market has to offer today! We will be scrutinizing the best available feeders of all types to help choose the right one for you. We will also try to answer some of the questions many bird lovers have about squirrel-proof feeders, how they work, and the best types. By the end of the article, we hope that readers will have acquired some knowledge about the topic and that they will be able to decide which bird feeder is best for them.

Let's get started!

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Why Do You Need A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

squirrel proof bird feeder

The first and foremost job of a squirrel-proof wild bird feeder is to prevent squirrels from feasting on your bird seeds and protect them instead. There are different kinds of wild bird feeders available in the market. These may include wooden bird feeders, tube bird feeders, metal bird feeders, caged bird feeders, cool bird feeders, automatic bird feeders, etc.

Given the vast number of bird feeders available on the market, you may ask the most obvious question - how do birds find bird feeders?

Given the popular myth that birds reject their babies if humans have touched them, the lesser-known fact is that birds have no sense of smell - the essential way of finding food for them is through sight. So, if they see food in a feeder, they automatically get the idea that this is where they will find food.

Birds often recognize the primary feeder as a food source as there are feeders in the neighboring yards quite often. However, sound plays a crucial role too. For example, it is a mandate for birds to drink fresh water regularly, and to find some, they listen intently to the sound of water. It is then that they go foraging in foliages and bushes. Birders make the most of opportunities like these by placing their bird feeders along these lines.

Why Are Squirrels And Other Small Animals Attracted To Bird Feed?

Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Feeder 1

Squirrels love eating bird seeds - they continue to feed on them until the feeder entirely runs out of supply. Although squirrels are known to be herbivores in nature, it has often been observed that they have been feeding on young birds, bird eggs, and other small animals when their source of food is limited.

Placing a bird feeder where a squirrel can have full access to the bird seeds can only mean that these oblivious little thieves will keep no stones unturned till they devour every last bit of your expensive seeds while your birds are left with nothing.

You must be wondering the most fundamental questions right now - how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders?

The solution is simple again - offer foods that squirrels are not fond of and place the bird feeder far from the trees,  somewhere squirrels can't jump to! These are the primary ways of distracting and keeping squirrels away while ensuring that your bird gets enough food and nutrition! You may also run some oil and petroleum on your feeder - this will also ensure that the intruders are left on their own.

Types Of Squirrel-Proof Feeders

There are a wide variety of Squirrel-proof feeders in different shapes and styles. They are used to keep squirrels, as well as other types of pests, away from the feeders, as these can sometimes cause damage to the whole feeder, making it unusable. The three types of feeders that are most used are the following:

Weight Sensitive Perches

brome squirrel buster plus

The concept of weight-sensitive perches is quite simple. They use a balanced weight-sensitive system that closes the feeding ports the moment a squirrel steps on it; the ports are open again when the pest is gone. The lighter birds don't activate the mechanism and can eat from the feeder without any problems while blocking access to squirrels. This type of feeder is also highly efficient in keeping other pests or even more aggressive, larger types of birds, like flickers and starlings, from having access to the feeder.


gray bunny caged tube anti squirrel bird feeders

These are also referred to as caged bird feeders; They are usually very sturdy and chew-resistant. They consist of a seed tube feeder that is surrounded by a metal cage. They are made in a way that lets smaller birds access the feeding ports without the possibility of squirrels or any other larger trouble makers getting through the cage into the seed ports. These can last for long periods of time since squirrels can't chew their way through them or cause any damage. Moreover, in addition to being practical, the shape and design of caged feeders are usually pleasant to the eye, making them a good aesthetic addition to your garden (or wherever you keep the feeder).

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Battery Powered

great droll yankees squirrel proof feeder

Battery-operated bird feeders, also called electric or motorized feeders, are heavy-duty battery-powered bird feeders that are usually mounted on a pole and that come with a birds-only rule to stop squirrels from stealing the bird food. They use an electric current to do their job. Spinning feeders are ones that use a motor that starts spinning once the squirrel steps on it. Eventually, the squirrel gets spun away from the feeder. Another type of electric feeder is the squirrel-shocking bird feeder; the squirrel is hit with a tiny electric current that prevents it from hanging on the feeder. Battery-powered feeders either use rechargeable or replaceable batteries. All those types of electric feeders work great in preventing squirrels from accessing the feeder, but they are perfectly safe for hungry little birdies.

What To Look For In A Squirrel-Proof Feeder

Before buying your squirrel-proof bird feeder(s), there are some critical factors to bear in mind so as to make your bird-watching experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Let's go through some of those factors in more detail.

Ease Of Use

Maintaining a bird feeder is not an easy task; it's a full-time responsibility. It is always lovely to watch wild birds feed, but you always need to be ready for the mess that's left behind. It's your job to do the cleaning.

As we all know, birds expel the same place they feed. So, in order to keep the feeder clean and germ-free, regular cleaning is a must. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose feeders that are easier to clean. Glass, plastic, and steel are much easier to clean and sanitize than other materials like clay or wood, so those are the materials to opt for when choosing a bird feeder. Another important factor to keep in mind is that the feeder has to be easy to open, disassemble, clean, and put back together.

Durability: If a Squirrel or a Bear Knocks It off the Hook, Will the Feeder Survive the Fall?

Buying a wild bird feeder is a long-term investment. You need to choose good-quality feeders that are made with quality materials (some come with a lifetime warranty). Don't cheap out on quality; if you buy a cheap item, it won't take long to break, and you will need to replace it. It would be better to spend a little more money from the beginning and invest in the best feeder(s) you can afford.

A good quality feeder will be sturdier and more durable and won't need to be replaced as often as a cheap item. Even if a squirrel or a bear manages to knock it off the hook, chances are the quality feeder will survive and will only need to be placed back on the hook. It may seem that the price gap between quality and cheap feeders is too big, but in the long run, it is absolutely a winning investment.

Moreover, feeders are usually placed outdoors. This means that they need to endure and survive all weather conditions: the sun, rain, and the freezing days of winter.  A good quality feeder will probably survive different weather conditions for many years to come.

Last but not least is the material used to make the feeder, as it's closely related to how durable it is. We have mentioned that plastic, glass, and steel are the materials to choose for easier cleaning. However, when it comes to durability, steel is the material to go for, as it will guarantee that you will enjoy your bird-feeding hobby for years without the need for replacement.


Your squirrel-proof feeder will be hanging outdoors during different weather conditions; as a result, the feeder has to be waterproof. When it rains, you will be more relaxed knowing that the seeds are safe inside your waterproof feeder. Just imagine having to put fresh seeds inside the feeder each time it rains or snows! That wouldn't be very practical or enjoyable.


Your squirrel-proof feeder will be hanging outdoors during different weather conditions; as a result, the feeder has to be waterproof. When it rains, you will be more relaxed knowing that the seeds are safe inside your waterproof feeder. Just imagine having to put fresh seeds inside the feeder each time it rains or snows! That wouldn't be very practical or enjoyable.

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrel-proof bird feeders are the safest way to keep squirrels at bay! Feeders not only ensure that your birds get the right kind of nutrition they deserve and that they have a place to come to, but they also ensure that they keep your birds' foods safe from the unwanted guests that tend to eat everything up at one go!

If you are an avid bird feeder, then you have come to the right place - here are the ten best squirrel-proof bird feeder reviews to help you protect your beloved birds.

Based on our research, testing, and experience, below is our final list:

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Bird Feeder happens to be the best anti squirrel bird feeder in the market based on our research which considers hundreds of customer reviews on different markets and social media platforms. It is challenging for squirrels to access this feeder's system, and the average grown-up squirrel's weight automatically shuts the lid. As a result, the squirrel fails to get access to and meddle right then and there.

This bird feeder uses a chew-proof material called Rox Resin. It is a known fact that sometimes squirrels can get ambitious, and they can gnaw on the sturdiest lumber or the most laborious plastic. While, with Rox Resin, this is not the case. Also, it has tiny dispensing holes from which an invader cannot pass, so they can't access the food source at all!


  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Uses a ventilation system particularly made for seeds.
  • The squirrel's weight gets measured immediately by the perching zone.
  • The squirrels' pressure causes the lid to close immediately.


  • Permits squirrels to remain on the edge.
  • Ceases to be squirrel-proof if placed too low.

All these exceptional features make this product from Brome the best squirrel-proof bird feeder that the market has to offer.

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Perky Pet offers some of the best spinning squirrel-proof bird feeders on the market. They make fantastic types of equipment that are both sturdy and durable, along with great designs.

The Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder offers rust-free materials, a tray-patterned feeding system, and a sure lock cover. This product also comes at a very reasonable rate making it the most preferred one. In addition, it has a carrying capacity of 2 lb, which gives you enough time until the next refill.

Apart from this, these metal bird feeders offer a 360-degree view, which allows you to watch from every possible angle and ensure that you are susceptible to every action. The lid also happens to be incredibly challenging to open, thus keeping the squirrels away!


  • Beautiful design.
  • Highly beneficial for birds in winning the seeds.
  • It rotates fast with the increasing load of the intruder.
  • High-speed capacity.
  • A great region for birds to rest around.


  • The seeds may fall during the spinning - such circumstances can be controlled by ground feeders.

If you like to watch your pretty birds feed and get all the nutrition they deserve while keeping the squirrels at bay, this product is your best bet!

Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel Proof Feeder

Brome has done a fantastic job with this product as it happens to be one of the best metal bird feeders of all time. Brome makes its role very clear with the word 'buster' that it is here to help you eradicate the food thieves in your yard!

Although there are tons of ways to eradicate these little villains, like rubbing oil or hanging the food far from the trees on a ledge or fence in places inaccessible to the squirrel, the best way to get rid of them is to buy anti-squirrel bird feeders.

These cool bird feeders from the house of Brome are extremely easy to assemble and install. You can also dismantle this product very quickly, only by using your hands without using complicated tools!


  • Easy installation.
  • Adjustable bird sizes.
  • Squirrel-proof.
  • It can be cleaned conveniently.
  • Birds can either feed via the mesh or can perch.


  • The small ports make it difficult for chunky birds to feed on.

This feeder also has a flexible spring mechanism that lets you manage your preferred birdie size to feed. This bird feeder is right to its quality, and it comes at a great price too!

Droll Yankees Flipper Squirrel Proof Feeder

The Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Feeder is definitely one of the best battery-powered tube bird feeders available on the market. Genuine to its described features, no squirrel is strong enough to get through this feeder's brilliantly planned rotating system while trying to steal your expensive bird seeds.

The feeder has a weight-activated, motorized squirrel-proof structure. It spins uncontrollably the moment a squirrel tries to barge in. Though the birds may fly away in such a situation, a squirrel falls flat on the ground. If a squirrel manages to hop onto the feeder successfully, they get a good spin until they give away!


  • Huge seed capacity of up to five pounds of seed.
  • Four feeding ports and an internal baffle for continuous seed flow.
  • The intruder quickly flipped off the feeder with the weight-sensitive perch ring.
  • Many variants for different budgets.
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube - guaranteed not to fade.


  • The warranty on electronics is only one year.

Most of the time, these spinning squirrel-proof bird feeders are successful in doing their job. The sturdy design ensures that they stay not only intact for the most extended amount of time, but also successfully feed your birds as much as they can without sparing anything for unwanted intruders.

Woodlink 7536 Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

The Woodlink 7536 Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder features an enclosed feeder that helps deter squirrels away. This product is extremely sturdy and durable as it is built of high-quality steel, which means this product can endure it all even if a squirrel gets all chewy.

There is more to this anti-squirrel bird feeder than the squirrel's weight causing the lid to close automatically. This has a mixed seed capacity of a whopping 12 pounds, ensuring that you don't need to worry about the refill or the fear of refilling it every other day. This product ensures that you get a buffer period of a couple of days before heading for a refill.


  • Assembling is easy.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Easy refill.
  • Easy to mount on any pole.
  • Chew proof and durable as it is built of high-quality steel.


  • A little expensive but wholly worth the price.

You can make this product completely squirrel-proof by using quick fixes like squirrel baffles on the mounting pole.

Audubon Natube3 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Audubon Natube3 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is the best product you must consider for your dear birds if you are searching for caged bird feeders. It features a well-made cage that is sturdy and durable. It is extremely difficult for squirrels and larger birds to get in through the small openings of the cage.

This is the most sought-after tube bird feeder as it is impenetrable. You can safely place the seeds in the round tube feeder located at the center of the cage - this will ensure that while the small birds can feed and enjoy your treats with joy, it will let the squirrels know that this is not their place to be.


  • Caters exclusively to small birds.
  • It has a lock-in feature that allows only birds to enter.
  • Capable of holding a quarter pound of seeds.
  • It has a protective top cap that saves your seeds from natural misfortunes like heavy rain and wind.
  • The cage helps you to keep the squirrels away.


  • Suitable only for small birds.

These tube bird feeders have four seed docks that allow you to enjoy watching a variety of birds feeding on your seeds. Nothing can ever measure up to the joy of watching your birds feed while you don't have to worry about unwanted intruders, and thus, this product is one of the best bird feeders you should consider buying.

Stokes Select Double Suet Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

A bird feeder from Stokes Select possibly happens to be one of the best-caged bird feeders in the market. This caged bird feeder ensures that no seed is ever touched by the squirrels, except if it is tiny, in which case it may fall down the cage naturally.

This happens to be one of the most effective products available on the market - the cage ensures that it keeps away the squirrels even though they do their best to intrude. At the same time, the lid can only be lifted through enough force, which no squirrel is capable of.

This product can handle two suet cakes (or seed cakes) in one go, giving you enough time until the next refill is due (A suet cake includes some edible fat in addition to seeds and nuts; perfect for the cold months of winter). These metal bird feeders are large enough for birdies to access the food but too tiny for squirrels. This product is also weatherproof and has been priced lower than its suet counterparts.


  • Easy installation.
  • A tight-tailored cage that keeps the squirrels away.
  • Tiny birds can now get entertained without the threat of any predators.
  • The stunning circular pattern enables you to get a 360-degree view of all the action.


  • It can get a bit messy at times as the cage may let go of the suet if it is too small.

If you are an avid bird enthusiast, you should also know that upon investing in this product, a part of your investment will go to bird conservation and habitat. There is no nobler job than protecting these stunning creatures and their natural habitats.

Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Bird Feeder

This product from Perky-Pet is a delightful, functional, and practical design. The Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder has a strong resemblance to all the good old-fashioned wooden bird homes that you might have seen in your formative days. The beautiful design is an excellent addition to your yard, while it is entirely squirrel resistant.

As a squirrel hops on this bird feeder, its weight automatically activates the seed protection, thus covering all the seed ports. This leaves the intruder with no option but to move far away.

This squirrel feeder can hold up to around 8 pounds of seed; this gives you enough time until the next refill. The best part about this bird feeder from Perky-Pet is that even the most expert birders have given it a five-star rating.


  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Easy refilling method.
  • Easy assembling.
  • Sturdy, durable, and anti-chew.
  • Highly practical and affordable.


  • If a squirrel is smart enough, it can stand on the ledge and easily trick the weight sensor, cause weight reduction and reach for the feeder.

A product with great ratings, sturdy design, and upscale features will top your priority list if you are a passionate bird feeder.

Roam wild PestOff Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This product from Roamwild does a fantastic job when it comes to keeping the squirrels away. Experienced bird feeders highly recommend this product as it helps you keep yourself and the yard secure from pesky hunters.

This bird feeder is quite large considering its 3 lb capacity, which gives you just about enough time till the next refill. It also has a built-in mini-baffle and cover system that ensures that no squirrel ever gets access to the seed tube or the seed dispenser.

The other most crucial feature of this product is its perch plan that blocks the food access automatically when a big bird or a squirrel hops onto it, and it opens the moment they go far from the scene. This product also happens to be chew-proof as it is a metal-made feeder, which means the seeds stay protected at all times.


  • Easy installation.
  • The Perch hatch shuts by itself the moment an intruder attempts to hop on to it.
  • Convenient to clean.
  • Good seed capacity.
  • Chew-proof steel body.


  • Comes at a high price.

The Roam wild PestOff Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is everything you should consider, given its durable body and valuable features. This product is among the best bird feeders that the market has to offer.

Gray Bunny GB 6860 Caged Tube Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder

These caged bird feeders from the house of Gray Bunny offer both functionality and elegant design - they have all the elements to make both you and your birds happy. These metal bird feeders are chew-proof, which means they can frustrate even the most persistent squirrels.

The feeder has been designed in such a way that the seed pipe stays right at the center and is completely capable of keeping the uninvited guests away from the bird food. This product also has four feeding docks, which lets you enjoy the sight of the birds feeding and the multiple colors simultaneously.

Although these metal bird feeders have been categorically designed for small birds, even large birds with elongated beaks can access the seeds. Of course, this can only be a trivial issue if you are only looking to feed tiny birds.


  • Worth the money.
  • Stunning model.
  • Keeps the squirrels at bay.
  • Chew-proof metal body.
  • Easy refill.
  • 360-degree access.


  • A few large, prolonged beaked birds may access the feeder.

You should consider buying the Gray Bunny GB 6860 Caged Tube Feeder if you are passionate about birds and want to give bird feeding their best shot. Also, it comes at a great price which makes it worth the money spent.

Do Squirrel-Proof Feeders Actually Work?

gray bunny caged tube bird feeder

The short answer is yes, they do. Unfortunately, the long answer is a bit more complicated.

Squirrel-proof feeders work by deterring the critters from digging into or breaking them, and for the most part, they do an admirable job of keeping squirrels out. The problem is that squirrels are smart and curious animals. If there is a small breach or flaw in the design of the bird feeder, they will take advantage of it and get into a feast on the seeds. They are also known to take things apart just to see what's inside. 

The whole concept of squirrel-proof feeders relies on the differences in size and weight between birds and adult squirrels. Small light birds don't activate the mechanisms and can eat as much as they need, while the heavier squirrels and larger birds are kept out.  However, some squirrel species, like the flying squirrels, are smaller in size and are mainly found in the southern states.

Their small size can mislead any feeder protective mechanisms, making them less efficient. Your best bet is to invest in a good-quality feeder from a known brand; these are more likely to survive the raids of the hungry trouble makers due to their excellent design and used materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is imperative to have questions when you are looking for the perfect bird feeder; after all, there are various factors to consider when you are looking for one. It is okay to be nervous while selecting a feeder, especially if you are new to it. It's normal to have questions, no matter how basic they are! The following are some of the most frequently asked questions that will help you decide what kind of bird feeder you might be looking for.

How To Feed Birds Without Attracting Squirrels?

There are many efficient ways you can use to keep squirrels away from your wild bird feeders. These solutions work to different degrees, but they can be the bird lovers' last resort to get rid of those annoying banes. 

First off, you need to give a little thought to the placement of your feeder. It needs to be safely placed far from your home or any other structure that squirrels can climb to get to the feeder. Ideally, the feeder should be placed on top of a metal pole, making it extremely hard to climb. For better results, you could use a squirrel baffle (a seed saver baffle) on the pole and on top of the feeder to ensure no squirrel reaches the feeding ports.

Another solution to the pest invasion is to use seeds that birds enjoy while squirrels are not attracted to. These include Safflower seeds, Millet, Nyjer seed, canola seed, and Canary seed. Chili Cayenne pepper can also be mixed with the seeds (don't worry, they're safe for the birds). Thus, birds can enjoy the seeds while very few unwanted visitors are susceptible to trying to steal them. Note, however, that a starving squirrel may eat absolutely anything for nutrition. 

If you opt for placing your feeder on a pole, use something challenging to climb like PVC or copper; to make it even more challenging to the squirrel, you could use a baffle with a slinky toy hanging down from it. When the squirrel tries to hang on to the slinky, it gets a fast ride back to the ground.

Hygiene is also important. If you regularly clean the area underneath the feeders, squirrels won't be attracted by the fallen debris on the ground, and the problem will be avoided in the first place. 

It seems that combining some of the suggested solutions can work wonders in keeping the wild birds and their food safe from squirrels. However, if nothing works for you, you could always apply the rule: 'If you can't beat it, feed it.'. If you can afford it, building a feeding station for the squirrels will ensure they will always stay away from your birds and their food. It's a win-win situation: Both the birds and squirrels are happy, and you can enjoy watching the wild birds, with the acrobatic bonus show of squirrels jumping around. Just make sure you use some of their favorite food like corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Why Do Squirrels Eat From Bird Feeders?

The primary reason why squirrels eat from bird feeders is that they love eating birdseed and shall continue to feed until they can't have access to it. This is the biggest reason why you should be investing in free-standing bird feeders. This might even make you ask another more fundamental question - how to keep squirrels off bird feeders? As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to do so is to invest in squirrel-proof bird feeders and place them far away from trees and places that squirrels can use to reach the feeder. Also, use food sources that squirrels are not fond of.

Where Should I Put My Bird Feeder?

The placement of a bird feeder is the most fundamental step as it can nearly result in a bird's death. You should place it at least 3 feet from a window as placing it otherwise may result in the bird crashing into your window while leaving. Putting it away from walls or trees ensures that it is safely distanced from squirrels. In case you want to place your feeder near trees or shrubs, provide a safe distance of at least four yards. You should also ensure that your bird feeder has enough space from predatory animals like cats.

Why Are No Birds Coming To My Feeder?

There may be several factors why you might not be getting visitors lately. Some of these factors include the removal of the safe cover, added noise, and relocation, to name a few. If there happen to be any sudden changes around the feeder, then this too might harm your birds. Though, sometimes, the reason can be as simple as your feeder running out of food faster than you might have anticipated. In such cases, check your feeder first, and if you find it empty, then refill immediately.

How Far From The House Should Bird Feeders Be?

It would be best if you enforced a bird safety zone of approximately 50 to 60 feet between your bird feeder and your house. This will help you keep unwanted animals away from your home, but it will also help you keep your bird feeder safe and secure. Bird feeders attract an array of animals like raccoons, rats, and squirrels, and even huge animals like bears, deer, and coyotes. It is best to keep a safe distance between your feeder and your house to ensure that you and your birds are safe.

Will Vaseline Keep Squirrels Off My Bird Feeder?

It is possible to use Vaseline, petroleum jelly, or any other lubricant on the feeder to make it slippery and hard to climb. However, this is not a practical solution, nor is it durable. 

First, using a lubricant may cause wild animals (including the birds) to have health issues or even die due to the lubricant that sticks to their fur or feathers. Moreover, the birds may ingest the Vaseline while feeding, and end up with serious problems because of higher exposure to chemical elements. Therefore, using Vaseline or any other lubricant is not recommended.

Using lubricants on wild bird feeders is not practical either. They will be washed out in a short time because of exposure to the sun, dust, rain, etc., and the whole process will need to be repeated. 

All in all, the use of Vaseline is not a solution to the squirrel problem. As a matter of fact, The Center For Wildlife in Maine has pointed out that the practice of using lubricants to get rid of squirrels is discouraged since it causes more harm to wildlife, including birds.

Which Bird Feeder Attracts Most Birds?

Different birds exhibit different feeding behaviors, and it all comes down to the kind of birds you want to feed. For example, regular feeders are fantastic for jays and pigeons, while nuthatches and woodpeckers prefer suet blocks attached to your house's eaves or the nearby trees.

There are a ton of feeders available in the market which you can choose from. These include - regular hopper feeders, tube bird feeders, metal bird feeders, caged bird feeders, freestanding bird feeders, and automatic bird feeders. It is solely your choice, depending on the kind of birds you would like to feed, as mentioned above.

How To Clean Bird Feeders?

Cleaning bird feeders is very easy - all you need to do is empty the feeder, take it apart, dismantle, soak, scrub, rinse, dry, and re-assemble it again. It is the simplest method of all, and anybody can do it with absolute ease.

Final Thoughts

Feeding birds is a relaxing activity, but finding the perfect wild bird feeder can be a challenging job, especially if you are new to the entire ordeal. Being a feeding enthusiast, you must want nothing but the best quality bird feeder for your beautiful birds. The joy of watching them feed keeps you going, and your only goal is to eradicate vile thieves like squirrels, rats, raccoons, and large sized birds.

With the detailed reviews above, in addition to the most frequently asked questions answered, this article will surely help you opt for the best bird feeder among the multiple options that are available in the market - all you need to do is pick yours and go ahead. We know that choosing one may be a tricky task to deal with; however, the detailed reviews along with the specifications and pros and cons of every product in this article have surely left very little for you to worry about.

For us, after ample testing, we decided that the top pick goes to the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus. All other options on our list will perfectly work as they are the most reliable and durable squirrel busters available on the market. Still, the final choice will be based on your personal preferences and the kinds of birds you intend to feed. Everything you need to do after buying your feeder is included in this same article: placement, bird seed, squirrel food, etc. Everything has been covered. 

Now you can lay back and watch your colorful birds enjoy their meal in peace, safe from squirrels or larger birds while letting your bird feeder do its job! 

Happy feeding!

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