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15 Best Cockatiel Toys - Reviews & Guide

First published:  January 29, 2024
Last updated: February 3, 2024
15 Best Cockatiel Toys - Reviews & Guide
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Our top pick for the Best Cockatiel Toy is the EBaokuup 2 Pack Bird Chewing Toys as the rattan and wood construction with interior colorful paper satisfies natural foraging behaviors and provides dynamic stimulation ideal for small breeds. Conveniently securing to cages, it promotes healthy engagement without mess.

Do you want your Cockatiel to be happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated? Providing the right toys is crucial. With a staggering array of options to choose from, how do you select the perfect Cockatiel toys? The ideal toy engages your pet bird's natural behaviors like foraging, climbing and playing while preventing boredom-induced feather plucking.

This detailed guide reviews top-rated toys that Cockatiel owners enthusiastically recommend based on safety, durability, enrichment potential, and reasonable cost. Discover hanging, climbing and shredding toys made specifically for medium-sized parrots like Cockatiels. Learn key factors when choosing toys, from appropriate size and composition to suitability for your bird's current cage setup.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Recommended Toys for Your Cockatiel

Based on our own testing, research and experience, the following are our top recommendations for toys to get for your pet bird and keep it safe, happy and entertained.

EBaokuup 2 Pack Bird Chewing Toys Foraging Shredder Toy - Best Overall

Our top pick is a rattan and wood parrot toy specially designed for small bird breeds like cockatiels. Measuring 4.5 by 4.5 by 9 inches, it attaches directly inside your feathered friend's cage to provide hours of chewing, shredding and playing entertainment.

You can rest assured the materials used to construct this toy are completely safe, with no harmful dyes or chemicals. Both the rattan and wood have been chosen specifically because they are ideal for birds to sink their beaks into. As your parrot chews and shreds the toy, it satisfies natural foraging and nesting behaviors important for both physical and mental health.

The real appeal of this toy is that the interior contains a stash of crinkly colored paper pieces stuffed throughout the rattan and wood elements. Your curious cockatiel will be utterly intrigued to explore all the nooks and crannies. This constantly changing stimulation is exactly what keeps these intelligent creatures happily occupied. Even better, it promotes activity rather than boredom which can lead to bad habits like screaming or feather plucking.

While specially designed for smaller breeds, larger parrots can also enjoy this toy for its shredding capabilities. An added feature is that it conveniently attaches directly to the cage so your bird has easy access. You don't have to worry about loose toy parts scattering across the bottom of the cage. Any colored paper pieces that fall out during play are safe if accidentally ingested.


  • Stimulates natural foraging behaviors
  • The interior paper provides dynamic stimulation
  • Durable wood & rattan construction
  • Conveniently secures to cages
  • Completely safe materials


  • May not withstand very aggressive chewing

Small parrot breeds like cockatiels will love this shredder toy that promotes healthy physical and mental engagement. The dynamic interior packed with colorful paper will keep your bird occupied for hours on end. Since it attaches directly to the cage, it provides entertainment without the mess.

Niteangel Natural Living Playground for Birds

This Natural Living Playground from Niteangel hits all the marks for quality, usability, and price. Crafted from all-natural wood, it provides a dynamic space for small birds to play, exercise, and explore. Its multiple components give your pet scaled obstacles to traverse, swings to flutter about, and nooks to nestle into.

From previous experience owning cockatiels, I can attest this playground is perfectly sized for their needs. The main platform provides ample room for walking or napping, while the hanging parts invite climbing and swinging. The wooden rungs and textured surfaces also promote healthy beak conditioning to keep your bird's chomper in good form. Simply put, it's a comprehensive activity center packed with possibilities most pet birds will embrace fully.

In addition, the toy takes little effort to assemble with all pieces fitting snugly into pre-drilled holes. I didn't even need the included glue to reinforce mine before hanging it in my cockatiel's cage area. And upkeep only requires an occasional wipe down to clean it.


  • Made of natural wood
  • Perfectly sized for small birds
  • Easy DIY assembly
  • Packed with toys and obstacles
  • Promotes exercise and exploration
  • Durable construction
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Messy sawdust when unpacking
  • Perches may wobble slightly
  • Swings don't accommodate larger species

Overall, the Niteangel Playground is a superb habitat enhancement I wholly recommend to fellow bird lovers. It offers exceptional quality and utility that our feathered critters will chirp about.

Prevue Pet Products Naturals Coco Rope Mini bird toy

Our next pick - The Prevue Pet Products Naturals Coco Rope Mini bird toy is handmade from 100% natural and sustainable materials like hevea wood, banana stem rope, cotton twine, and coconut. This toy offers superior durability along with hours of foot and beak exercise.

Connecting easily to any cage with the included quick-link attachment, the textured surfaces and variety of textures give your Cockatiel plenty to shred, nibble and play with. The toy's 8-inch length and 2.5-inch width make it perfectly sized for small to medium birds. As your Cockatiel interacts with the materials, the mental stimulation and physical challenge help stave off destructive boredom behaviors.

Unlike mass-produced plastic bird toys, the handmade craftsmanship ensures each Naturals Coco Rope Mini toy has its own unique character. And because it uses environmentally responsible resources, you can feel good about the sustainability of your purchase.


  • Handmade from 100% natural, sustainable materials
  • Textured surfaces encourage foot and beak conditioning
  • Mentally stimulating and physically rugged
  • Connects easily to any cage
  • Ideal 8 x 2.5-inch size for small/medium birds


  • Each toy varies slightly in size and shape

Durable, mentally engaging and made from responsible materials, this toy from Prevue promotes healthy conditioning while avoiding boredom. It is a USA-made toy packed with natural textures and makes an excellent addition to any Cockatiel's cage setup.

KATUMO 7Pcs Bird Toys Parrot Cage Accessories

KATUMO's 7-piece bird toy set is specifically designed for parrots and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Crafted from wood, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, rattan, bamboo, and paper, these durable and engaging toys allow birds to satisfy natural behaviors like chewing, pecking, climbing, and foraging.

The versatile ceiling-mount design includes a wooden ladder, perch and five vibrantly colored bell and paper toys. Their bright colors and crisp sounds are made to attract a parrot's attention and prevent loud squawking. Birds can shred the crinkly paper, ring the bells and chew the safe, non-toxic materials for hours of stimulation.

With included hooks and wing nuts, installation into most cages is quick and simple. The set decorates living spaces and cages while keeping energetic birds happily occupied. It promotes healthy beaks, claws and activity levels in breeds of all sizes.

The variety of materials and activities engages different parrot behaviors so they don't get bored. The ladder and perch facilitate climbing and lounging while the five bell-and-paper toys provide mental and physical enrichment.


  • Durable wood, ABS plastic and natural construction
  • Engaging and colorful design
  • Promotes natural bird behaviors
  • Easy ceiling-mount installation
  • Suitable for all breed sizes


  • Paper shreds could make some mess
  • Bells might occasionally get annoying

With their safety, durability and ability to satisfy a parrot's needs, this well-designed set is a great choice for cockatiel cage accessories and toys. I highly recommend the KATUMO toys for multi-activity fun.

JW Pet Company Activitoys Hol-ee Roller Parrot Toy

The JW Pet Company Activitoys Hol-ee Roller is another excellent toy for parrots and other birds. Made from 100% natural rubber, this durable toy has a 3.5-inch diameter and stretches over 7 inches long when pulled, providing plenty of space for hiding treats. The Hol-ee Roller hangs from a sturdy chain attached to the cage, allowing birds to bat, tug and roll it to access the treats inside.

This intellectually stimulating toy is perfect for keeping pet birds entertained for hours. The natural rubber construction is safe if chewed and the size is ideal for small to large parrots. The see-through design also reduces fearful reactions compared to opaque toys. As your parrot manipulates the Hol-ee Roller, they activate their mind and body in a rewarding way.


  • Durable natural rubber construction
  • Hangs securely from any cage
  • See-through toy reduces fearful reactions
  • Perfect size for small to large parrots
  • Promotes foraging behaviors


  • Treats can fall out if over-filled

With its engaging and challenging design, the Hol-ee Roller is one of the best toys to keep pet birds healthy, happy and entertained. Both stimulating and durable, this versatile rubber toy should be a staple in every parrot cage. Cockatiels, in particular, will love foraging from its stretchy transparent body. An excellent product for promoting natural behaviors in captive birds.

Wood Bird Ladder and Platform for Small Pet Birds

This wood bird ladder and platform set is an ideal accessory for any small pet bird owner looking to enrich their feathered friend's environment. Handcrafted from natural wood and dyed with vibrant, pet-safe colors, this toy stimulates birds mentally and physically. With eight ladders and one square platform connected by durable stainless steel strings, you can configure it in multiple arrangements to prevent boredom.

This versatile set suits parrots, canaries, finches, and similar smaller breeds. The wooden construction provides a safe, eco-friendly chewing surface to satisfy their instinct to shred. The bright hues also appeal to their vision, enticing them to climb and play. Designed for indoor use, the compact size fits most cages. You can hang the components together or separately based on space constraints. Assembly takes seconds with the convenient buckle, presenting minimal disruption to your pet's environment.


  • Handmade from natural, eco-friendly wood
  • Dyed with vibrant, pet-safe colors
  • 8 interchangeable ladders with 1 platform
  • Durable stainless steel string connections
  • Easy buckle assembly in minutes


  • Indoor use only

Given the safety, adaptability, and enduring quality, this wood bird ladder and platform rates as a top choice for the best cockatiel toys. The set engages your pet mentally while satisfying natural instincts like chewing and climbing. Ultimately, the toy leads to a healthier, happier bird.

EBaokuup 3Pack Bird Chewing Toys

This colorful rattan parrot cage shredder toy promises to keep pet birds happily occupied for hours. Made from 100% natural woven rattan stuffed with crinkly paper and colorful strings, it allows birds to satisfy their natural instincts to chew, shred, and forage. The materials are non-toxic and sanitary. At 7 inches long and over 3 inches wide, it's a decent size for most medium or large bird cages.

The toy comes with two additional hanging rattan and bell toys which attach to the cage bars with metal clasps. These provide auditory stimulation along with more shredding and chewing opportunities. Altogether, there is plenty here to keep solitary birds entertained or to minimize squabbling if you have multiple feathered friends.


  • Stimulates natural bird behaviors
  • Made of all natural, non-toxic, and sanitary materials
  • Bright colors and variety of textures keep birds engaged
  • Includes 3 interactive toy components in one package
  • Bell toys provide auditory enrichment
  • Sturdy construction should withstand repeated use
  • Promotes both physical activity and emotional engagement
  • Very affordable given everything included


  • Hanging toys could get tangled up
  • Bells might become annoying with constant use

Overall, if you're looking for an engaging shredder toy package that allows a caged bird to act like a bird, this product delivers. It's affordably priced given the materials and variety of components included. Multiple interactive elements like shredding, chewing, bells, and strings promote both physical and mental engagement.

This toy set should keep most birds happily occupied in a healthy, stimulating way.

Bonaweite Extra Large Bird Chewing Swing

Next on our list is a multi-colored bird chewing toy from Bonaweite, which makes an excellent addition for small to medium-sized parrots and parakeets. With its natural materials and bright colors, it satisfies birds' instinct to chew and forage while keeping them entertained.

The toy incorporates metal hooks, wood blocks, rattan balls, and cotton rope, all non-toxic and safe for birds. You can easily hang it from different areas of the cage to provide variety and exercise. At 15.7 x 9.8 inches, it works well for Parrotlets, Parakeets, Cockatiels, African Greys, Eclectus, mini Macaws, Cockatoos, and Lovebirds. The materials also ensure durability for long-term use.

The toy's natural materials give birds a safe outlet for their chewing instinct without splintering or causing health issues. The bright, attractive colors also appeal to Cockatiels' senses and prevent boredom. And the size accommodates these medium-sized birds without taking up too much cage space.


  • Made of 100% natural and non-toxic materials
  • Brightly colored to engage birds
  • Durable wood, rattan, and metal construction
  • Easy installation with metal hooks
  • Ideal size for small and medium parrots


  • Only one toy included

With its safety, visual appeal, and durability, this chewing toy engages birds' senses while giving them a healthy outlet for their natural behaviors. If you want variety, purchasing multiple toys is recommended, but the quality and bird-friendly design still make this an excellent choice for your feathered friend.

Deloky 7 Packs Parrot Swing Chewing Toys

This 7-piece bird toy set is specially designed to meet the needs of small pet birds. Made of natural wood, the toys provide plenty of entertainment and exercise opportunities for your feathered friend.

The set includes 7 different bird toys arranged on multiple layers so your bird can bounce around exploring each one. The toys let them swing, chew, climb, and play - exactly the type of active stimulation small birds crave when in their cages.

With dimensions of 7.09” long x 2.95” wide x 3.94” tall, this toy set is an ideal size for fitting inside standard small bird cages without taking up too much room. The toys easily hook onto the top of the cage, too, for quick and simple installation. No special tools or hardware are required.

Since safety should be the number one priority when picking bird toys, it’s reassuring this set uses handmade materials designed specifically for pet birds. No chemicals, paints, or other toxic ingredients - just healthy, boredom-busting fun. The natural wood construction also withstands repeated chewing action from active beaks.


  • Made from safe, handcrafted natural wood
  • 7 different toys provide variety
  • Fits well in small bird cages
  • Easy installation on the cage top
  • Ideal for parakeets and similar-sized birds


  • Not as durable as metal toys

With 7 entertaining toys made specifically to combat boredom in small pet birds, this set provides mental and physical enrichment in a safe package, perfect for most parakeets and similar-sized breeds. The product delivers on quality and value too - recommended for any small bird owner wanting to spice up their feathered friend’s environment.

Yoyoung Stainless Steel Bell Toy for Birds

Continuing our reviews with a stainless steel bell toy from yoyoung - an excellent option for entertaining and enriching pet birds like cockatiels. It comes in two sizes - a 7.7” version ideal for smaller birds like cockatoos and parakeets and a larger 8.5” size perfect for bigger parrots, including African greys and macaws.

The bell toy is made of high-quality, durable stainless steel so it can withstand rough handling from energetic birds. Despite the sturdy construction, quick links allow easy attachment and removal from cages. Since the bell and chain are solid steel, the toy requires minimal care - simply detach and wipe clean on occasion.

One of the best features of this toy is the ringing bell sound it produces. Birds seem to love interacting with bells and discovering that their pecks and jolts affect the sound. The noise level is reasonably subtle, so it shouldn't irritate owners or guests. The movements and noises keep pet birds engaged in healthy physical and mental stimulation.


  • Durable stainless steel won't break from rough play
  • Easy to attach and detach from cages
  • Minimal effort to keep clean
  • Bells entertain birds with sounds and movements
  • Two sizes fit cages for all bird types


  • Doesn't include any other toy parts like wood or rope

The Yoyoung stainless steel bell bird toy delivers durability, easy care, and amusement value for pet birds. If you want a simple, mess-free option to keep a cockatiel or parrot engaged, this quality bell cage toy is a great choice.

BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells

BWOGUE's 5-pack of colorful bird toys provides a myriad of stimulation and entertainment options to keep your parrot active and engaged.

The assortment includes a swing, ladder, bells, and wood pieces for climbing, chewing, pecking, etc. Vibrant colors and materials are safe, durable and attractive additions to any cage. The bells offer auditory elements birds love while the ladders and swings allow them to climb and swing freely.

This toy is ideal for small to medium-sized birds like parakeets, cockatiels, love birds, and finches. The scale and size are perfectly suited for hours of amusement without overwhelming limited space. The steel clips securely attach to cage wires with ease.


  • Durable safe materials
  • Vibrant fun colors
  • Variety of 5 toys
  • Secure simple installation
  • Stimulates natural behaviors
  • Entertains all types of birds


  • Clips can be initially hard to open
  • Holes may risk small heads getting stuck

If you want to treat your feathered friend to a smorgasbord of entertainment, the BWOGUE Bird Swing Toy 5-pack offers superb quality and value. Packed with assorted toys to fill endless hours of healthy play and exercise, these bird-pleasing products earn top marks.

KATUMO Bird Foraging Wall Toy, Edible Seagrass Woven Climbing Hammock Mat

Made from tightly woven natural seagrass and decorated with an assortment of colorful wood, bamboo, loofah, and acrylic toys, this seagrass toy ball from Katumo provides a safe chewing and pecking experience.

You'll appreciate how this climb and exploration toy encourages natural bird behaviors like shredding, foraging, preening, and climbing. Its vivid colors and variety of textures easily capture attention, keeping pet birds happily occupied for hours. This helps minimize boredom and destructive behaviors common when birds are understimulated.

With its 11.8 x 8.2 inch size, this toy is also well-suited for parakeets, cockatiels, sun conures, lovebirds, and similar small birds. It creates an enriching playground for them to traverse and interact with. The chew toys can be rearranged or added to over time to maintain interest.


  • Encourages natural bird behaviors
  • Keeps birds stimulated for hours
  • Safe, natural materials
  • Easy installation with hooks
  • Great gift idea for bird owners


  • Price at higher end

For small bird owners looking to decorate their habitat and provide essential mental and physical enrichment, this seagrass toy ball is an excellent option. Its safety, interactivity, and capacity to engage natural behaviors make it one of the best cockatiel toys available. After rolling and pressing the mat to flatten before first use, simply hang it up and watch your feathered friends enjoy hours of discovery.

JW Pet Company Activitoys Guitar Bird Toy

The Activitoy Guitar by JW Pet is an engaging toy perfectly suited for cockatiels. Its interactive features and textures promote natural behaviors and keep cockatiels happily occupied for hours.

The metallic guitar body has a sleek reflective surface that enables cockatiels to watch themselves as they play. Three dangling bells connected to beads ring out as cockatiels pull on them with their beaks and feet. Plastic beads also spin around the guitar head for additional amusement. Raised plastic strings, chains, bells, and balls provide diverse textures to stimulate tactile exploration.

You'll enjoy watching your cockatiel interact with the Activitoy Guitar. The mixture of visual, auditory, and tactile elements activates your bird's body, mind and soul. Seeing them play the guitar by pecking, clinging, and flapping their wings is adorable. The sounds of bells ringing as they become little rocker rebels is music to any pet owner's ears.

The Activitoy Guitar promotes important mental and physical activity for cockatiels. The puzzle-like aspects challenge their problem-solving skills while the textural diversity satisfies natural foraging instincts. These engaging qualities make this the perfect toy for preventing boredom and feather plucking.

As an added plus, the Activitoy Guitar is sized right for similar birds like parakeets. So if you have a multi-species aviary, this toy can be enjoyed by all. The metal components and tightly strung parts are constructed with safety in mind as well.


  • Engaging interactive features
  • Textured surfaces for sensory stimulation
  • Reflective metallic guitar body
  • Promotes natural behaviors
  • Bells ring when pulled


  • May be too small for larger parrots
  • Bells could startle sensitive birds

The Activitoy Guitar is the ultimate stimulating toy for cockatiels and similar sized parrots. Its diverse interactivity provides endless amusement while satisfying healthy behavioral instincts. If you want to nurture your bird's body, mind and soul while watching them become mini rock stars, this toy hits all the right notes.

Super Bird Creations 2-Inch by 52-Inch Bungee Bird Toy

When searching for the best cockatiel toys that promote exercise, visual stimulation, and safety, the Super Bird Creations Bungee Bird Toy is definitely worth considering. Thoughtfully designed with smaller bird breeds in mind, this vibrant toy adds cheer and activity to any bird cage or aviary.

You can rest assured that your feathered friends will love exploring the twists and turns of this bungee toy. Its 1/2-inch diameter offers a comfortable grip, while the array of bright colors creates a visually dynamic experience. Whether you have a compact cage or a more spacious enclosure, the 52-inch adjustable cord accommodates various setups and spaces. It’s easy to install, too - just attach the included quick link to your bird’s habitat and watch the fun unfold.

You’ll also appreciate that this bungee toy prioritizes avian-safe materials and responsible manufacturing. Industry professionals worldwide recommend Super Bird Creations for their strict standards using only high-quality, bird-safe components. This gives you confidence in selecting a toy that focuses both on your pets’ entertainment and well-being.


  • Ideal design and size for small bird breeds
  • Vibrant colors stimulate and engage
  • Adjustable cord suits different cage types
  • Quick bird-safe installation
  • High manufacturing standards for safety


  • Limited color/style options

For pet birds like parrotlets, cockatiels or parakeets, this thoughtfully designed bungee toy checks off all the must-haves. It entertains with dynamic motion and color, accommodates different spaces with its flexibility and provides responsible, bird-centric manufacturing that you can rely on. It's a joyful addition that brings out healthy play and activity for your small feathered friends.

Fetch-It Pets 9" Donkey Shaped Piñata Bird Toy

I was excited to try out the Fetch-It Pets 9" Donkey Shaped Piñata. This large, vibrant piñata is perfectly designed to capture a cockatiel's curiosity and entertain them for hours.

You simply fill the hollow donkey with treats or toys through a back flap, then watch your bird work to shred apart the layers to access the goodies inside. You can use millet spray, dried fruit, wooden balls, and crinkle paper, which provide stimulating texture, sound, and rewards. The durable cardboard construction withstands eager beaks yet steadily falls away to reveal the hidden treasures over time.

Your cockatiels will have a blast ripping, tugging, and flinging pieces across their cage as they gradually demolish the donkey shape. It will engage their natural foraging instincts and reduce boredom behaviors.

I also like that it's made of bird-safe, organic materials free of zinc, lead, or toxins. The designers clearly understand proper bird toy construction. At 9 inches tall, it's generously sized for medium birds but can entertain larger parrots too. Just make sure to supervise use to prevent accidental ingestion of components.


  • Engages natural behaviors
  • Mentally stimulating puzzle
  • Generously sized at 9"
  • Bird-safe materials
  • Lasts for weeks


  • Messy shredded debris
  • Supervision required

If you want an interactive toy that reduces boredom and destructive behaviors for hours or days at a time, the Fetch-It Pets Piñata is a must-have. It's one of the most amusing and longest-lasting cockatiel toys you can find on the market.

Buying Guide - What to Consider in Your Cockatiel's Toys?

Being smart and active birds, Cockatiels have certain needs and preferences that can differ from one pet to the other. Try to know what your bird likes and prefers so as to adapt the new toys and maximize their benefits. Diversifying the toys is also necessary to avoid boredom. The following are some factors to consider in the toy(s) you intend to get for your pet bird:

cockatiel toys

Store-Bought vs. DIY Toys

While many quality cockatiel toys are available commercially, homemade options allow you to cater to your bird's specific preferences.

Store-bought toys ensure safety standards are met and offer convenience. However, DIY toys made from household materials can be more cost-effective.

Inspect any DIY toy's construction quality and materials to minimize ingestion risks. Offering both manufactured toys and customized, homemade options creates welcome variety and helps avoid boredom.

Important Toy Material Safety Considerations

It’s critical to select toys made from non-toxic, bird-safe materials that won't splinter or shatter if chewed. Suitable materials include untreated wood, plant fibers, leather, or straw.

cockatiel toy materials to avoid

Avoid plastics, lead, zinc, or copper that could leach chemicals when gnawed or dismantled. Also, check any dyes, colorings, or stains are avian-safe to mitigate health issues if consumed.

Soft materials like yarn, rope or cloth should be used minimally and under supervision only to prevent entanglement or choking hazards.

Stimulating Toys vs. Edible Toys

Cockatiels instinctually forage and chew, making toys focused on these behaviors deeply satisfying. Stimulating toys like hanging wood pieces, bells, ladders, or challenging puzzles provide mental enrichment.

Food-based toys incorporating bird-safe fruits, vegetables or whole grains allow for healthy nibbling. Blending stimulating play with edible components in the same toys maximizes their interactive nature and durability.

Optimizing Toy Number, Size and Placement

Offer multiple toy types to prevent boredom, but don’t overwhelm your cockatiel with too many objects crowding their space.

When selecting cages and toys, it's important to consider your bird's safety and enrichment. Providing the ideal cockatiel cage can help bird owners make informed decisions to find the best habitats and accessories. The ideal enclosure offers multiple toy mounting points, room for flying, and proper dimensions to house your flock comfortably.

Target 2-4 appropriately sized toys in the cage at a time and rotate new ones in regularly. Make sure to position toys at different cage levels and orientations to encourage climbing, wing flapping and exploration. Small toy pieces under 1.5 inches in diameter should be avoided as potential choking risks for cockatiels. Prioritizing durability also allows longer-lasting enjoyment.

Finding the ideal toys to keep your cockatiel actively engaged takes some experimentation. Pay attention to what captures your bird’s interest and provides hours of enriching fun! Providing a range of tantalizing toys that appeal to your pet’s natural behaviors and stimulation needs is key to their happiness and healthy development.

Final Thoughts

Providing an abundance of toys is vital for a cockatiel's enrichment and quality of life. Even rescue birds unfamiliar with play can learn to embrace toys through gentle encouragement and demonstration. Since cockatiels are highly social and observant, they pick up behaviors by watching and interacting with others.

It's important we take the time to discover each bird's unique interests. Rotate new toys monthly to pique their curiosity and prevent boredom. Seek out different shapes, textures, materials and challenges to keep their agile minds engaged. Store-bought or homemade, simple or elaborate, the options for fun are endless.

While providing a loving home and plenty of playtime is essential, understanding a Cockatiel's typical lifespan can also help you prepare for their future needs. Learn more about the factors affecting their longevity and how to provide the best care possible in our comprehensive guide on how long a cockatiel lives in captivity.

If you still have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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