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11 Best Cockatiel Cages - Reviews & Guide

First published:  December 11, 2023
Last updated: January 29, 2024
11 Best Cockatiel Cages - Reviews & Guide
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Our top pick for the Best Cockatiel Cage, the Prevue Pet Products Pagoda Cockatiel Cage, offers a commodious environment with its stylish rooftop design and ensures security with a heavy-duty push-button lock. This cage incorporates simplicity with features like casters for maneuverability and components that make maintenance a breeze. Its sizable dimensions allow plenty of natural light and its Coco and Cream finish adds elegance to your decor.

As one of the most popular pet birds today, the Cockatiel offers an intriguing balance of interactivity and ease of care compared to other parrots. However, caring for these pint-sized parakeets still requires dedication.

Despite their small stature, Cockatiels need ample room to spread their wings inside a suitably sized enclosure. They also crave mental stimulation through play and toys. Providing the essentials of a spacious home, entertainment like cockatiel toys, and your time is key to keeping a Cockatiel healthy and happy.

The upcoming article explores how to select an ideal Cockatiel cage to meet the needs of these active, social birds. Discover the 10 best habitats for your Cockatiel flock, From budget-friendly options to deluxe flight cages.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Our Top Bird Cages for Your Cockatiel

Based on our own testing, experience and research, the following are our recommended cages you can get for your Cockatiels. We included options from a wide range of price points to ensure everyone can get a suitable cage for their beloved feathery friend(s).

Prevue Pet Products Pagoda Cockatiel Cage in Coco and Cream

The Prevue Pet Products Pagoda Cockatiel Cage delivers style and substance for feathered friends. Its rooftop design provides an airy, open environment with ample room for cockatiels to spread their wings. Sturdy construction and smart features ensure both security and simplicity.

Measuring 24 x 22 x 58.5 inches, the spacious cage allows natural light to filter in from all sides. The neutral Coco and Cream dual-tone finish blends into most decors while adding a touch of sophistication. As cockatiels are active and inquisitive, the large living area gives them space to play and explore their surroundings. The 5/8-inch wire spacing provides visibility while keeping birds safely confined.

Several well-designed elements maximize convenience. The heavy-duty push-button lock keeps the hinged door securely closed. Four casters let you easily reposition the cage for cleaning or to give your pet a change of scenery. Both the pull-out tray and removable grille simplify maintenance. Rounded corner seed guards further help contain mess.

Constructed from quality materials like powder-coated steel, the cage promises safety and longevity. It comes equipped with three stainless steel cups for food and water as well as two wood perches. Assembly is straightforward with slide-in components and all hardware included. At just over 41 pounds, the cage is relatively lightweight for its size.


  • Spacious rooftop design
  • Dual-tone finish suits any decor
  • Heavy-duty push-button lock
  • Easy mobility with casters
  • Simplifies cleaning needs


  • Price is at the higher end
  • Doesn't include toys

For style, security, and convenience, the Pagoda Cage is a premium option perfect for pampered pet birds. Its well-appointed features and handsome design make it the ideal centerpiece for any cockatiel habitat.

Flyline Corner Cockatiel Bird Cage

The Flyline Corner Cockatiel Bird Cage is designed to tuck neatly into any 90-degree corner, maximizing floor space while still providing ample room for your birds to fly around. Despite its corner orientation, the cage has multiple access doors so you can easily interact with your pets. Pentagon-shaped bars spaced evenly apart give your cockatiels plenty of room to climb without risk of escape. The light gray powder coating not only looks sharp but resists chipping even from repeated bird claws and beaks.

Several slide-out debris collection trays underneath the cage make cleaning droppings a breeze. You can also slide out the floor grates to access any mess without having to remove your birds. The powder-coated bars wipe down easily as well.

With so many parts to assemble, putting the whole unit together solo could test your patience. Directions may be unclear in areas too. But once built, the construction feels solid with no wobbling or bending under pressure.


  • Space-saving corner design
  • Durable pentagon bars resist damage
  • Easy bird access through multiple doors
  • Slide-out cleaning trays simplify maintenance
  • Attractive light gray powder-coated finish


  • Time-consuming solo assembly
  • Unclear instructions for the build process

For cockatiel owners lacking floor space, the Flyline Corner Cage enables keeping pets without sacrificing room aesthetics or ease of care. Despite assembly challenges, the durable build and cleaning features make this an excellent home for pet birds.

VIVOHOME 72 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

Our next pick - VIVOHOME's spacious 72-inch cage is specially designed to meet the needs of most cockatiels and similar-sized birds. With sturdy steel construction coated in a sleek black hammertone metallic finish, you can expect this cage to withstand years of use without easily bending or weathering over time thanks to quality craftsmanship and premium materials.

You'll appreciate thoughtful touches like a heavy-duty slide latch to keep escape-artist birds securely contained. Four smooth-rolling 360-degree casters lend excellent mobility around your home while three wood perches and a fun detachable play area give your pets places to comfortably stand, climb and play. Both the slide-out debris trays and bottom grill are conveniently removable for quick cleaning while built-in catch trays prevent messy spills. This cage truly aims to make bird ownership easy for owners.

With bar spacing sized appropriately at 1/2 inch for cockatiels and dimensions measuring a spacious 25.8” x 25.8” x 72.4”, this cage allows free flying room even for active birds. The inclusion of four steel feeding bowls and an extra ceiling hook ensures you have everything needed to provide for every aspect of your bird's routine.


  • Spacious 25.8” x 25.8” x 72.4” size perfect for cockatiels
  • Durable steel construction and secure latch
  • Easy mobility with four smooth-rolling casters
  • Quick cleaning with removable slide-out trays
  • Play area and perches for bird enrichment


  • Assembly required
  • Plain design lacks decorative appeal

Given exceptional construction quality and well-designed convenience features tailored towards bird owners, VIVOHOME's cage will make an ideal home sure to serve your cockatiel's needs for years to come. This spacious cage has everything needed, allowing both you and your feathered friends to thrive.

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

The Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage is another ideal home for multiple small birds like finches, canaries, parakeets, or cockatiels. Made of sturdy alloy steel with plastic components, this spacious bird cage provides plenty of room for small birds to comfortably fly around and exhibit natural behaviors.

With dimensions of 26" long, 14" wide, and 36" high, the flight cage features 1⁄2 inch wire spacing between gaps wide enough to allow messy debris to fall through while being narrow enough to keep birds safely enclosed. The cage is versatile enough to house several compatible small bird species together. Four wood perches give resting spots at varying heights while two plastic food/water cups have hoods to help reduce mess.

The flight cage's two large front doors with smaller inset doors provide easy human access without allowing birds to escape. These doors make it simple to interact with your birds or tidy the cage. A pull-out debris tray under the cage bottom further simplifies cleaning. The cage's all-black color scheme lends an attractive, neutral look.


  • Spacious interior for flight
  • Durable steel and plastic construction
  • Doors allow easy access and interaction
  • Pull-out tray simplifies cleaning
  • Versatile for housing multiple small bird species


  • Black color may absorb heat

You can depend on this sturdy flight cage to provide an ideal home for pet cockatiels or other compatible small bird species. The spacious interior allows comfortable flight while features like easy-access doors and a removable debris tray make pet care simple. If seeking a quality living space to keep small birds healthy, active, and enriched, the Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage is a recommended option worth your consideration.

ABONERY Bird & Cat Carrier

The ABONERY Bird & Cat Carrier is specifically designed for transporting small to medium-sized birds and cats. With dimensions of 13”L x 12”W x 20”H, it provides adequate room for pets to move around without feeling cramped.

A standout feature of this carrier is its versatile shading covers. All sides can be covered to block intense light and create a sheltered, calming environment for stressed pets. The covers roll up with ease to reveal a transparent, breathable window when you want to check on your pet. Anti-grab mesh on the sides offers supplementary airflow and visibility. Between these elements, your bird or cat stays comfortable and content.

Several well-conceived details optimize convenience and portability. A handle and shoulder strap let you transport the carrier with ease. Integrated stainless steel bowls eliminate the need to pack separate food containers. Dual perch sizes accommodate different types of birds. While lightweight as is, the carrier can also be secured in a car with a seatbelt to prevent sliding during transport. A storage bag provides space for taking along small accessories.

When it comes to build quality, durable polyester and weather-resistant nylon will withstand regular use. The assembly shows careful attention to airflow, visibility and accessibility needs. Backed by responsive 24-hour customer service, the product delivers practical functionality for pet owners.


  • Versatile shading system protects pets
  • Spacious interior with 13” x 12” floor space
  • Mesh walls and vents maintain airflow
  • Integrated bowls and perches
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Car restraining capability


  • Perch sizes may not suit all birds

For bird and cat owners seeking a customizable, easy-to-carry pet taxi suitable for everyday transportation, the ABONERY Carrier is a smart solution worth considering. With thoughtful touches that simplify on-the-go pet care, this carrier aims to reduce travel stress for both pets and owners.

Mcage Extra Spacious Bird Cage

Next on our list, Mcage's extra spacious flight bird cage makes an excellent home for multiple small birds. With its durable wrought iron frame construction, roomy 32” x 19” x 64” dimensions and narrow 1⁄2 inch wire spacing, this cage provides both security and comfort.

I especially appreciate the thoughtful design features that make the Mcage cage easy to use and maintain. The large front door with an improved metal safety lock simplifies accessing your birds or cleaning the cage. Two included breeding nest doors allow pairing birds their own privacy. A full set of accessories like feeder cups and perches are conveniently built-in, reducing the need to purchase extras. The bottom slide-out grate and tray take the hassle out of cleaning.

With its removable stand, wheels for mobility and extra bottom shelf storage, the Mcage flight cage can adapt to any indoor or covered outdoor space. Though marketed as a flight cage for small birds, some pet parents have even used it to house medium-sized birds like cockatiels with success. The durable wrought iron frame is sturdy enough for slightly heavier birds, though the bar spacing might allow small birds to squeeze through.


  • Spacious dimensions suit multiple small birds
  • Durable wrought iron frame built to last
  • Doors and tray simplify access and cleaning
  • Stand, wheels and shelf add versatility


  • Not specifically marketed for cockatiels

With smart features that simplify use and maintenance, I would recommend the Mcage flight bird cage to any small bird owner looking for an extra spacious yet secure indoor habitat option. The quality and flexibility help justify the price for a cage that should last you for years. While not specifically intended for cockatiels, this cage will work well for that purpose too if configured properly.

Topeakmart Wrought Iron Large Flight Parrot Bird Cage

The Topeakmart wrought iron large flight cage is an excellent home for multiple small to medium-sized parrots like cockatiels, lovebirds, and parakeets. With dimensions of 31.1 x 20.4 x 52 inches (LWH), it provides ample room for several birds to fly around and play. The durable powder-coated hammered paint metal construction makes this a sturdy cage built to last for years.

The 0.6-inch bar spacing is perfectly suited for cockatiels and similar-sized parrots. It prevents them from squeezing out while allowing sufficient space for climbing and clinging with their feet. Cleaning and accessing the birds is easy with the large 10.7 x 8.1 inch front door. The slide-out tray under the cage also simplifies cleaning. Despite the heavy-duty build, assembly is straightforward with the included hardware and illustrated instructions.

As one of the largest flight cages in its price range, this offers tremendous value for bird owners looking to house multiple cockatiels or small parrots. The all-metal construction is far more durable than many cheaper alternatives that use fragile plastics. And unlike decorative ornate cages, the simple design focuses on maximizing interior space and ease of access.

For cockatiel owners seeking the best cage to let their flock fly free, this Topeakmart cage checks all the boxes. The sheer interior volume allows unencumbered flight between the closely spaced perches and toys you can set up inside. The cage is also suitable for both indoor and protected outdoor use so your birds can get some natural sunlight. If you need even more space, a jumbo 158.99-inch version is also available.


  • Spacious 31.1 x 20.4 x 52 inch interior
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • 0.6-inch bar spacing ideal for cockatiels
  • Easy-to-clean slide-out tray
  • Straightforward assembly with included hardware


  • Plain industrial design lacks ornamentation
  • Doesn't include interior perches or toys

With all considered, if you want a roomy and rugged flight cage for a flock of cockatiels, you can't go wrong with this spacious Topeakmart model. The combination of ample space, practical design, durable steel construction, and reasonable price make it a great choice.

Yaheetech 61" Large Bird Cage with Play Top & Rolling Stand

Yaheetech's 61" Large Bird Cage is a thoughtfully designed habitat for parrots, a prominent choice for pet owners looking for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing option. Registered in the US in 2015, Yaheetech has established itself as a go-to brand for avian enthusiasts, prioritizing safety and ample space for our feathered friends.

This cage is constructed with powder-coated steel, ensuring durability against both physical strain and the elements. The water-resistant paint is not only sleek in its black finish but also simplifies maintenance, enhancing the cage's resistance to oxidation. Inclusions like the bungee rope made of sturdy metal wire and polyester offer safe and fun accessories for your pet, capable of enduring constant nibbling and play.

The cage's heavy-duty button lock provides peace of mind when your pets are unsupervised. The addition of two feeder doors with similar locking mechanisms indicates the brand's dedication to detail, reflecting a deep understanding of pet birds' needs and owners' concerns.

Convenience is a significant factor in the design of this cage. The slide-out tray paired with the detachable grille makes cleaning a less daunting task. Likewise, the seed guard is a practical touch, minimizing the mess typically associated with bird feedings. Moreover, the inclusion of four 360-degree ball casters ensures effortless maneuverability throughout your living space, sparing you the hassle of lifting and carrying the cage.

In terms of accommodation, the 61" height coupled with a bar spacing of about 0.6 inches suits a variety of birds, specifically recommended for species like Cockatiels and Sun Conures.


  • Powell-Coated Steel Construction
  • Spacious with Rooftop Playground
  • Secure Heavy-Duty Button Lock
  • Easy-to-Clean with Removable Tray
  • Non-Marking, Easy-Glide Casters


  • Assembly Instructions May Vary
  • Potential For Rust Over Time

Yaheetech's large bird cage is not merely an enclosure but a space where birds can thrive, feel secure, and be a part of your daily life with ease. While the assembly may present some challenges, and like all metal, there's a risk of rusting over many years, the overall design, functionality, and consideration for both pet and owner needs make this product a worthy investment for you and your feathered companions.

A&E Cage Co. Flight Cage & Stand

Finding the perfect cage for your cockatiel is paramount, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option on the market than the A&E Cage Co. Flight Cage & Stand. At the heart of its design is the freedom of flight it offers to your avian companion, boasting exterior dimensions of 32"x21"x63", giving your bird ample space to spread their wings. The interior height of 35 inches allows for vertical flight, which is essential for the bird's physical and mental well-being.

As for access and maintenance, you'll appreciate the large front door that simplifies interaction and cleaning, along with a convenient breeder door. When it's time for clean-up, the slide-out grill and tray allow for a quick and hassle-free process. For resting and activity, the inclusion of two wood perches along with two feeder stations caters to the natural behavior of your cockatiel, making the day-to-day living experience quite pleasant for your feathered friend.

The safety of your bird is also paramount, and this cage addresses that concern with a non-toxic, durable, and safe powder-coated finish. Also important is that the cage features a bird-proof front door and feeder door locks, which secure your cockatiel adequately against escape or unintended incidents.


  • Spacious interior promotes healthy activity
  • Includes two perches and two feeder stations
  • Easy clean with slide-out grill and tray
  • Non-toxic powder-coated finish enhances safety
  • Bird-proof front and feeder door locks


  • Larger footprints may require more room space
  • Iron material may not suit all decor styles

This cage is one of the premier habitats for cockatiels, and rightly so. With a diverse range of features for bird safety, comfort, and owner convenience, it stands out for its thoughtful design and practicality. Your cockatiel can thrive in this spacious and secure environment, whether they are playing or resting.

PawHut Rolling Bird Cage with Detachable Stand and Storage Container

As a home for your feathered companions, the PawHut Rolling Bird Cage offers a generous living space with a design that caters to the needs of both lovebirds and pet owners alike. The cage dimensions stand at an ample 30.3"L x 18.5"W x 64.0"H, ensuring enough room for birds to move around and stretch their wings. This, coupled with multiple wooden perches and plastic food containers, allows for a comfortable and engaging environment for your pet.

Large doors on the front, additional sliding doors for feeding, and side entrances make it effortless to reach in to feed your pet or perform any necessary upkeep. The inclusion of a bottom shelf provides convenient storage for additional pet supplies, keeping everything you need close at hand.

Durability is another strong suit, with construction materials such as solid metal, steel wire, and robust plastic ensuring that this bird cage is a lasting investment. The ability to detach the main body from the stand is a thoughtful touch, greatly simplifying the task of moving or transporting the cage when necessary. When it comes to cleaning, PawHut has mitigated the typically cumbersome process with a slide-out tray at the bottom designed to catch excess birdseed.

This portable birdhouse also has a rolling stand featuring quiet wheels; you can change your pet's scenery with ease and without causing stress or disturbance.


  • Spacious and enriches bird's life
  • Easy access to interior and supplies
  • Sturdy, durable, and detachable design
  • Simple to clean with slide-out tray
  • Portable stand with quiet wheels


  • May require significant space indoors
  • Higher price point for larger size

The PawHut Rolling Bird Cage represents a thoughtful balance between the practical needs of pet owners and the natural requirements of birds, offering a roomy, convenient, and versatile habitat. With the understanding that no product is without its compromises, this bird cage comes close to fulfilling the ideal balance of comfort for your pets and convenience for you.

Penn-Plax Cockatiel Starter Kit

Our last pick, the Penn-Plax Cockatiel Starter Kit, offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of Cockatiels, Conures, and Small Parrots. With various cage top patterns like Square Top, Scalloped Top and Black Square Top, this cage provides both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Specific features that impress in this kit include the thoughtful bar spacing of 0.75 inches, ensuring the safety of small to medium birds. The consistent product dimensions of 18.25"L x 14"W x 27.25"H attest to the spaciousness required for a comfortable avian habitat, while the diverse sizes cater to individual preferences and space considerations.

The birdcage showcases a sturdy, impact-resistant plastic base, high enough to control seed and food scatter – an issue that often plagues bird owners. An easy-to-access bottom grid, coupled with a slide-out cleaning tray, promises convenience, and the locking front door doubles as a landing platform, offering a gentle nod to the bird's natural behaviors.

Notably, the kit comes replete with everything you'd expect to kick off your bird's domestic setting: from wood perches to food and water cups, and even entertainment options like a play swing and a kabob toy.


  • Accommodates various small birds
  • Controls seed and food scatter
  • Easy cleaning with slide-out tray
  • Locking door serves dual function
  • Includes essential bird accessories


  • Accessory variations may be confusing
  • Plastic material might lack longevity

In inspecting the Penn-Plax Cockatiel Starter Kit through the lens of necessity and functionality, it positions itself as a solid, comprehensive entry point for new bird owners. However, seasoned avian aficionados might seek enhancement in durability by preferring more robust materials. Still, for those looking to provide a well-equipped, comfortable environment from the get-go, this offering from Penn-Plax is worth considering.

Buying Guide - Factors to Consider While Looking for a Cage for Your Cockatiel

Choosing a specific cage for your bird can be a challenging task because of the multiple options available today. To help you choose wisely, we came up with a detailed buyer guide with the most crucial factors to keep in mind while choosing a cage for your feathered friend.

cockatiel cage size


Cockatiels are active birds that require adequate flying room inside their cages. For one or two cockatiels, choose a cage around 20 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 24 inches high. Something like the Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage meets (and exceeds) these dimensions.

Scale up for multiple birds, allowing at least 1.5X the wingspan per cockatiel inside. Consider ceiling height and your available floor space when choosing the size. The bigger the size of the cage, the better it will be for the bird's comfort and overall well-being.

In addition to providing a spacious habitat, understanding the average longevity of cockatiels as pets is essential for potential owners. This knowledge can help you prepare for the commitment of caring for a cockatiel over its full lifespan and to create the best environment for your pet's long-term health and happiness.

Build Materials & Sturdiness

Opt for sturdy metal cages made from powder-coated wrought iron, steel or stainless steel. These resist rusting and stand up well to cockatiels' active lifestyle and penchant for chewing.

Ensure all bar spacing is no more than 3/4", narrow enough to prevent squeezing through or getting heads stuck. Brands like Prevue and A&E offer durable construction in their products.

Just bear in mind that a better-built cage will certainly cost more than cheaply-made options, but it offers way more durability and quality.

When it comes to housing your feathered companions, not just any enclosure will do. It's essential to choose a cage that is roomy, secure, and designed to suit the specific needs of your bird species. To discover the most suitable options for your pet, from parakeets to the majestic African Grey, take a look at our carefully selected ideal bird cages for parakeets to African greys.


Look for a large front access door making changing food, water and litter trays easier. Doors spanning the cage's full height are ideal, like on the Prevue Hendryx flight cage. Small side doors give convenient caretaker access without allowing escapes.

In addition, removable trays lining the cage bottom simplify cleaning the dirty substrate.

Price Point

cockatiel cage cost

Expect to spend $75 to $300+ for a suitable cockatiel cage. The cage construction, size, included accessories and brand reputation greatly impact pricing.

Set a budget before shopping and expect to invest more for additional features and quality materials built to last for years.

Try to strike the best balance between price, quality and value.

Features & Accessories

Some useful cage features include interior perches, swings, nest boxes and toys for exercise and mental stimulation.

Removable perches make disinfecting easier. Look for models with food/water bowls, or budget separately for these essentials.

Consider cages on stands with storage like the Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage as their pedestals provide display space without occupying additional floor area.

The more features and accessories you get with your cage, the better the value of your investment.

Ease of Maintenance

cockatiel cage maintenance

A cage that simplifies cleaning is essential for your convenience and the cockatiel's health. Choose powder-coated cages as the smooth finish prevents waste from clinging to surfaces between cleanings.

Also, check that the cage disassembles easily and features trays that slide out for cleaning and disinfecting. Removable grated cage floors meeting the tray underneath also make waste removal simpler.

By weighing these critical factors against your cockatiel's needs and lifestyle, you can provide it with a cage that gives security, sufficient space to spread its wings, and keeps its living environment clean.

Final Thoughts

Providing the proper enclosures is key to keeping healthy, vibrant cockatiels as pets. As intelligent creatures that need sufficient space to spread their wings, these Australian parrots require more than the average birdcage. The ideal habitat allows them room to play and fly while also offering necessary enrichment.

When shopping for an enclosure, larger is typically better for these active birds' well-being. Prioritize their ability to move and make full use of vertical space over miniaturized cages that restrict natural behaviors. Additionally, include toys, branches, and accessories that stimulate their agile minds. Monitoring behaviors like chirping, flying, and preening helps determine if a cage adequately suits a cockatiel’s needs.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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