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The 8 Best Toys For African Grey Parrots Review

First published:  March 3, 2021
Last updated: January 29, 2024
The 8 Best Toys For African Grey Parrots Review
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The KINTOR Bird Chewing Toy is our top pick for the Best Toy For African Grey Parrots. It is a sturdy and durable toy made with non-toxic materials, and it features a variety of colors and shapes to keep your parrot entertained for hours on end. This toy is also highly rated by customers, with many reviewers noting that their parrots love it.

Are you a proud owner of an African Grey parrot? Have you chanced upon this bird somewhere and now cannot think of anything else? We don’t blame you!

If you are looking for a pet, then this is the bird that you must bring home as one of the best pet birds for beginners. It is quite possible that you may not be overly impressed with the bird at first glance. It has an understated dusty-grey body hence the name, and it is about the size of the common pigeon. But if you look closely, you will see a fire-red tail, orangey eyes, and a pretty plumage that is the characteristic of every bird from the parrot family.

There is a claim that African Grey parrots have been with humans from biblical times! The Grey is much coveted for its ability to talk and repeat words and phrases that it may have incidentally heard just a little over one or two times. By the time it is one year old, it is a fully talking bird mimicking all its sounds.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Our Recommendations Of The Best Toys For African Grey

To keep your grey parrot happy and healthy, it is essential to create a stimulating environment to interact with its human family members. One of the best ways to boost your bird’s mental health is by allowing it to explore and play with toys.

African grey parrot toys come in many shapes and sizes, and finding the best ones is a process of trial and error. Several toy manufacturers have designed affordable, safe, and durable toys specifically for African Grey parrots, making it easier to keep your pet entertained. Below are our top 10 picks of the best toys for African Greys.

Based on our research, testing, and experience, below is our final list:

KINTOR Bird Chewing Toy – the best large-medium parrot chewing toy

If you are looking for a medium to large chewing toy for your beloved African grey, do not look beyond this fantastic one.At $19, it is also pocket friendly and will give your pet bird endless hours of fun and frolic. It comes in various colors and its height is about 22 inches.

The metal chain links which hold the blocks in place also serve as a climbing perch for your darling to explore its several layers. A less engaging toy will bore the parrot and lead to physical and mental ailments but with Kintor you can stay completely assured that nothing like that will happen. 

The product is highly rated across all retailing platforms as it is the perfect chewing wooden toy for medium and large parrots. Its thickness ensures that there are many blocks, cubes, knots, and works to keep your bird engrossed for hours together. The colors and materials used are safe and non-toxic.


  • 100 percent non-toxic pet safe
  • It uses food-grade colors
  • Completely handmade
  • Sturdy toy
  • Has garnered sterling reviews everywhere
  • Complete value for money


  • Absolutely nothing that we can think of

Its unique design with several shapes and colors is sure to attract your African grey to it. It is a good beak grinding toy, and it helps to clean its beak. It is five stars from all of us at the editorial desk.

Bonka 1969 Spoon Delight Bird Toy - The Best Engaging African Grey Toy

If you are a bird owner looking to stimulate your pet's natural behaviors and create a dynamic environment for them to thrive, the Bonka Spoon Delight toy may be the perfect addition to your bird's habitat. This medium-sized bird toy is not just engaging and durable, but it also delivers an incredible blend of visual appeal and auditory stimulation, sure to captivate your feathered friend's attention.

Bonka has a reputation for creating sturdy and innovative bird toys, and the 1969 Spoon Delight stands true to this. With its interactive design featuring bouncing spoons and rings, it can produce delightful sounds, which is a critical factor for mental stimulation. More importantly, it is a customizable bird toy, allowing owners to attach additional parts, thereby enhancing the play experience and keeping birds happily engaged.

The 1969 Spoon Delight is a testament to Bonka's expertise, reflected in its unique, bird-friendly design. It features vibrant acrylic rings and stainless steel measuring spoons for an irresistible visual appeal. The colorful acrylic pacifiers and reflective stainless steel spoons together create a captivating plaything for your pet bird. The toy is also lightweight, weighing under 6 ounces, making it easy for birds to interact with.

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  • Durable, designed to withstand bird interactions.
  • Provides auditory and visual stimulation for birds.
  • Customizable, allowing the addition of extra parts.
  • Lightweight and easy for birds to handle.
  • Supports small businesses, as it's from a small brand.


  • Might not be suitable for larger bird species
  • A bit pricey

The Bonka Bird Toys 1969 Spoon Delight Bird Toy is an excellent investment for your feathered companion. Its design is not only captivating and durable but it also offers opportunities for customization, making it a versatile choice for your pet.

Keersi Bird Bells Toy - The Best African Grey Toy With Bells

The Keersi Bird Bells Toy has proven to be a delightful and engaging accessory for many bird owners' feathered companions. Offering both audible and physical stimulation, this toy is highly recommended for those looking to keep their pet birds entertained, especially parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, and canaries.

The key features of this bird toy include a design constructed from robust stainless steel. This durable construction ensures longevity and resistance against the most persistent of beaks. The toy can withstand repeated pecks and bites from your bird without causing any harm to them.

What sets the Keersi Bird Bells Toy apart is the sweet-sounding bell incorporated within its structure, which can effectively capture a bird's attention, potentially stimulating their curiosity and keeping them occupied for extended periods. Furthermore, this toy's design is crafted to be challenging to chew or destroy, which adds a level of intrigue and difficulty that can keep your bird engaged for hours.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Safe for birds to interact with
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Sweet-sounding bell attracts birds' attention
  • Challenging design keeps birds occupied for long periods


  • The sound of the bell may not be appreciated by all birds

Overall, the Keersi Bird Bells Toy provides an interactive and stimulating experience for your birds. It is safe to interact with and is made from materials that are resistant to their incessant pecking. Despite the few drawbacks noted, this toy is still a popular choice for owners due to its benefits in providing both physical and mental stimulation.

Prevue Hendryx 62900 Mimic Me Voice-Recording Unit for Birds

Have you been struggling to train your African Grey with newer words and phrases? This recording aid will make sure that the time you spend in training aces all your efforts.

The African Grey is one of the most intelligent of birds. Its curiosity and intellect are often matched with the mental development of a five-year-old human child! This recording device will help you teach your pet bird not just newer words but also essential tones in the speech.

It comes with a 10-day return and refund policy, and therefore you are entirely safeguarded from manufacturing defects.

This excellent product is extremely lightweight at 132 g, considering what it is capable of. Customers cannot help going gaga over it, mainly because it is so pocket friendly.

There is no joy equivalent to be able to train your birds to speak. The result is worth all the hard work you will put in. The novel device is much sought after mainly because it helps you teach in your voice.


  • High-quality playback sound
  • It has two different repetition modes
  • Great stimulation toy for your feathered friend
  • Easy to use
  • Three AAA batteries come included in the toy pack


  • The unit’s size is about 2.5 inches by 3 inches, and you may need to set it up near the cage

You and the bird are going to cherish the moments spent together. This superbly engineered product has high-quality sound and is a breeze to use.

RYPET Large and Small Parrot Chewing Toy - The best biting toy you can give your African Grey

If you are deliberating on getting an African grey, you must start planning to get this toy for your beloved pet. We could easily term it as an essential much like nutritious food and a clean environment.

The more you will engage the parrot in educational and entertaining activities, the sharper it will become. It is also the secret to keep it happy and stable. Keeping it in the best of moods is the best thing you can do for its health and vivaciousness.

This awesome toy is wholly made from natural wood and cotton ropes. The dye is vegetable-based, so it is one hundred percent chew safe for your pet. The thick cotton ropes are a suitable replacement for the metal links chain, and you can rest completely assured that there are no small parts that would result in choking hazards. The knots and beads will keep the beak preened and condition its beak.


  • Has knots to dismantle the blocks and beads
  • Colorful and attracts attention
  • Well designed
  • Several subparts that are not one bit harmful
  • The colors used are non-toxic


  • It gets sold out way too quickly

The size is most appropriate for large and medium-sized birds. Tie it on the elevated cage bar, and look how much fun your friends are going to have. The mind-blowing colors used are an easy attention grabber.

Super Bird Creations SB1107 Bagel Cascade Bird Toy - The most economical large toy on the market

This colorful bagel-shaped cascade toy is specifically for large birds and has a huge fan following. It is not hard to see why this is such a favorite with the feathered friends and their foster parents.

Each of the African Grey Parrots toys has a superbly durable plastic support T angle that has 2 dozen (yes, you heard that right!) two dozen cardboard bagels that are fun to peel and to chew. What happens when the bagels get destroyed by your pets? Easy, you can buy more refills and add them to the toy. Extra bagels created by you can also make this toy last year.

This toy is a classic example of toys with educational value and it keeps the bird from getting bored. If the bird is playing, it will not become aggressive or seep into depression or even bad habits.


  • It satiates the chewing instincts of your greys
  • Provides excellent grip
  • Doesn’t cause choking
  • The color used is non-toxic


  • Nothing at all

This toy has continuously been approved and recommended by avian professionals. The colorful hanging toy is going to attract your bird’s attention without fail. It is one cage accessory that you must invest in.

Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Roll Swing Bird Toy - Best Swing Toy

This toy has been very well-received by customers for its ability to hold the pets attention and engage it for a longer duration of time without getting bored. We are sure that they have also recommended this product on a loop to their other bird parents because the stuff simply flies out of stores!

It has pumice on it so that the bird can trim their nails and beaks; it has a clipper, which also means your pet baby will have healthier feet. And since it is made from all-natural virgin materials, it is completely bird-safe.

The toy comes in various sizes, from large to very small. There are colors galore with some of the so attractive colors that you’d wish you could swing on them!!

The swing shaped like a branch will remind the bird of its natural habitat. The material used is safe and non-toxic, right from the glue to the cotton rope. It comes in four vibrant colors of blue, orange, purple, and soothing yellow.


  • Quality product
  • It is light in weight as well as durable
  • The hanging chain has zero zinc in it
  • Has heavy-duty accessories for hanging on the cage.


  • The metal chain has always been a bone of contention for a lot of bird owners.

The swing has pumice on it, which lets your bird grind its feet as well as its beak. There is a good amount of leg stimulation too. It is so comfortable that the birds can even opt to sleep on it.

Skylety Parrot Chewing Toy

The Skylety Parrot Toy for Large Birds is a high-quality and engaging accessory designed for larger bird species. Boasting a sizeable 13 x 4.3 x 4.7-inch frame, it offers endless possibilities for your parrot to play, climb, and explore. Crafted from non-toxic, natural wood, the toy provides a safe, durable and bite-resistant experience. It can withstand the robust activities of your pet, guaranteeing an extended lifespan and excellent value for money.

The multi-layer wooden block knots of this toy provide a unique texture for birds to chew and bite. This offers the dual advantage of stimulating your bird's senses and beak health. Complementing this practical design is a bright and appealing color scheme. This vibrant splash of color not only grabs the attention of your bird but also serves as an attractive addition to your home decor.

This is not just a toy but a companion for your bird. When you're not home, it can help ward off feelings of loneliness and depression in your bird. Additionally, it encourages physical activity, promoting overall well-being. The ease of use is another commendable feature. Equipped with a sturdy steel hook, you can simply attach the toy to the top of the cage, and voila, your bird is ready to enjoy its new plaything.


  • Durable and bite-resistant for long-lasting use.
  • Vibrant colors appeal to birds and add decorative value.
  • Large size suitable for most parrot species.
  • Easy to attach to the cage with a steel hook.
  • Encourages physical and mental activity.


  • May be too large for smaller bird species.
  • A bit pricey.

Skylety's toy for large birds offers a great combination of functionality, durability, and appeal. It's a fantastic tool to stimulate your bird's mental and physical health while adding a burst of color to your space. Considering the multitude of features and benefits it offers, this toy seems like an excellent investment for your pet's happiness and health.

Why Do Parrots Need Enrichment Activities And Toys?

Parrots are intelligent and social creatures that live in pairs or groups. In the wild, they actively forage for food, chew and destroy wood, noise, and build their nests throughout the day. This is known in the bird world as "enrichment" and is a key component of their wild behavior. In captivity, however, these behaviors are less stimulated, resulting in behavior issues.

Because of their intelligence, parrots need stimulation to keep them from getting bored. And that is where enrichment activities, toys, and games come into play:

  • The African Grey is a complex and sensitive bird. They will win you over with their charm and brilliance, but they also have issues with behavior. The bird can seem demanding, and so toys keep them occupied for a big part of the day, shielding them from mood swings.
  • They may demand more of your time, but surely they do not necessarily like cuddling. They tolerate a fair amount of petting and snuggling but abhor intense physical contact. Foraging toys and other activities keep them busy and far from getting bored and unhappy.
  • Greys get noisy, especially when they are learning sounds from their environment. They mimic sound tirelessly throughout their waking hours. Toys keep them busy.
  • They can develop terrible behavior like plucking and chewing their feathers if they get too bored. Like all other species of birds, they also miss their natural habitat. Giving them foraging toys helps to create a rainforest-like habitat where it would forage for its food.

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African Grey Parrot Toys

What Is A Good Toy For An African Grey?

The toys you pick must be stimulating, enriching, and educational. What’s more important is they must encourage problem-solving skills in the pet. They dig puzzles, foraging toys, and toys that require opening or unlock to get to something kept inside. Natural wood, acrylic, and plastic are great for toys.

Here is a quick expert list of the toys to look out for your pampered greys:

  • Medium-density chewing and nipping wooden toys
  • Parrot puzzles with nuts or dried fruits hidden at each accomplished level
  • Stringed leather climbing toys that have a treat hidden in them
  • Foraging toys with several substrates and activity layers
  • Toys made from leaves that have natural fibers for them to preen
  • Noise making toys like rattlers and sound boxes
  • Perching toys made with rings
  • Food-grade carton boxes and newspaper rolled with treats inside also make fantastic toys.

How Do You Know If A Parrot Toy Is Safe?

By selecting toys specially designed for birds, you can be sure that the toys are safe for your pet. At the same time, exercise strict prudence in choosing toys for the greys to prevent serious accidents such as a toe or its beak getting caught in the toy. You must pay attention to the following details:

  • No sharp corners, large cracks and gaps, splinters, etc.
  • Restrict the number of parts and sub-parts
  • Refuse toys that come with metal chains and links as they can twist and get tangled in their feet and beak
  • No to too complicated and unfinished toys
  • Make sure that you pass only double U attachment (also known as C hook) for holding the toy in the cage
  • Damaged toys must be immediately fixed.
  • Veer away from toys and attachments that may contain traces of harmful or toxic chemicals and metals.
  • Parrot toys are usually sold according to the bird's size, so make sure you read the label before buying.
  • Go for sturdier toys over flimsy ones.

Here is a short video (6 minutes 27 seconds) from Parrot Playhouse providing good tips and discussing toys safety for parrots:

What Are The Most Suitable Toys For African Grey Parrots?

African grey parrots are incredibly intelligent birds with the ability to learn over 100 words. In order to keep their minds stimulated, they need to have toys (and bird-safe items) that provide mental and physical challenges.

They love chewing on different things and are particularly fond of wood. However, smaller African grey parrots will need toys specifically designed for them so that they don't swallow pieces that are too large.

The most suitable toys for African grey parrots include all of the following:

  • Swings! African greys can swing for hours. A large swing is mostly sufficient to cover the cage.
  • Foraging toys with treats like nuts or fruit inside is one of their favorite toys; look for well-made ones.
  • Chewing balls are similar to what you give to your felines and pooches but on a smaller scale. African greys love to keep something in their mouth all day.
  • Mini forests set up inside their cage will give them a feel of being in the wild again. The African grey parrot cages are usually kept on one side, touching the walls. They are not people’s birds, and an environment stimulated to look like a rainforest will keep them happy.
  • Climbing ropes in cotton threads and leather are ideal for greys. You can tie them from the roof of the bird cage to hold and hang on it when they are in a playful mood.
  • Interactive and rattling toys, such as a music box or a wiffle block or balls.
  • Tiny dumbbells made from natural bones or rawhide
  • Plastic rings for them to perch on. They make great feet exercise for the greys.
  • Toys with music in them are also very attention-grabbing for the birds. Make sure that there are no jingle bells because they can cause choking if swallowed by them.
  • Branch shaped perches with pumice on them that will help to grind nails and beak.

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How Often Do You Need To Change Parrot Toys?

Rotate the African Grey parrot’s toys every fortnight as it will keep them interested and active. Whenever you introduce a new toy or re-introduce an old toy, you must slowly do it. When you do it frequently, African greys will not completely ignore it or shy away from using it.

Watch and learn from your African grey’s reactions to what they like and what they do not care for. If you see a pattern where they shy away from playing with certain toys, make sure they see you playing with it. Their inherent learning curiosity will push them to probe what it is that you are playing.

Once they begin playing with their hitherto ignored toy, leave it for two more weeks before you slate them back for another one from your toy stash—store toys in a clean cardboard box. You may add beads, blocks, and leather to upcycle them into DIY toys.

What Kind Of Toys Do African GREY Parrots Like?

The African Grey parrot enjoys toys that they can chew, swing on, and climb on. They dig the ones with noise, and they love foraging toys.

If space is a constraint, go for toys that double up as chewing and swinging or climbing toys. If budget is a problem, it is no problem at all. You can still keep your grey entertained all the time with these creative DIY toys:

  • Rolled up the newspaper with a treat
  • Cardboard that they can demolish
  • Plastic toys with old broken blocks or beads
  • Wooden corks stringed together for them to perch on it or to shred and destroy it
  • Plastic bottle caps minus the inserts
  • Big size plastic buttons
  • Bolts wrapped in paper; stainless steel only as other metals can prove toxic.
  • Paper cups; un-waxed
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Food grade cardboard discards such as egg crate etc.
  • Spool or clothespin with all sharp parts removed and sharp edges filed.
Toys For African Grey

How Do You Keep An African GREY Entertained?

There are many ways you can entertain your cutie birdie. Here are a few ways you can try your hand at:

  • Spend time with it. Begin by talking and teaching basic word syllables. Sit in the same room, stroke its feathers on the head and pet it by gently scratching it. Look out for signs of whether your pet likes any of your petting habits. Be patient while teaching it tricks and words and reward with a treat when it does exceptionally well.
  • Improve the environment by cleaning the cage and setting it up differently. Offer perches and hiding areas in it and provide it with nutritious and tasty food. The enclosure must be big enough. Keep non-toxic plants inside the cages, and don’t spray chemicals.
  • Give interesting toys to play with. Use wood, paper, cardboard to create chewing toys. Rotate the toys to keep the bird stimulated. Introduce a new toy slowly and demonstrate how to play with it so that it takes to it naturally.

Why Does My African GREY Parrot Shiver?

Shivering is typical of this bird species. It can mean one of the following things:

  • They are very excited
  • It is airing its wet feathers
  • It is feeling threatened by something or is afraid and nervous (red flag)
  • Food stuck in its esophagus
  • It is feeling itchy

African grey shaking its head means that it does not like something that you are offering it. It can also be putting out a pesky feather from entering its ear. It may have heard a new sound or seen someone entering the room.

Shaking its entire body is a preening act. They tidy up themselves with their beaks and quiver or shiver simultaneously. They will also shiver after a bath to shake off excess water and dry and fluff their plume. When they are very content and happy, they also shiver, often changing their restive position. If the bird is shaking its head too often, it could indicate an infection in the ear or the nares. You want to take it to the vet immediately.

Final Thoughts

Toys must not be ever considered as luxuries for the greys; they are essential for your bird’s physical and psychological well-being. As much as possible, try to read and research about toys and pay closer and undivided attention to how the toy's construction is vis a vis the materials and dyes used in making it. The time you will invest in learning about them and choosing will be well awarded when you watch your darling pet happily playing with them. Nothing less than pure delight!

These unique African grey parrots’ toys are engaging and keep them preoccupied most time of the day. If you look after them well, feed them the right stuff, take them to the vet regularly, and give them refreshing new toys every day, we promise that the African grey will become an asset to your household.

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