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10 Best Vitamins for African Grey Parrots - Reviews & Guide

First published:  October 22, 2023
Last updated: April 24, 2024
10 Best Vitamins for African Grey Parrots - Reviews & Guide
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The Nekton-S Multivitamin for Birds is our top pick for the Best Vitamin for African Grey Parrots for its complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid nutrition which prevents deficiencies, supports metabolism and nutrient absorption, and provides proven results backed by 40+ years of avian nutrition research and success.

Providing proper nutrition including ample vitamins is key to keeping African Grey parrots healthy and energized. Like humans, Greys need a variety of essential vitamins that serve different functions in their bodies and promote proper growth, metabolism, immunity, and much more. However, their requirements differ from ours given their specialized avian physiology.

This article will overview the top 10 vitamins Greys need most and explore quality supplements that safely deliver these key nutrients. We will also answer some important questions related to the topic at hand.

Read on for a complete guide to the ideal vitamins that enable African Greys to thrive and avoid deficiency-related issues like poor feather quality and low energy.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Our Top Vitamins and Complements to Keep Your African Grey Healthy

Based on our experience and testing, the following are our top picks for the best supplements that your African Grey needs to be in good health. Please bear in mind that these are not substitutes for a healthy and balanced natural diet.

Nekton-S Multivitamin for Birds - Best Overall Multi-Vitamin Mix

As an owner of an African Grey Parrot, providing your bird with proper nutrition is crucial for its health and longevity. NEKTON-S multivitamin is the best daily supplement to meet your African Grey's nutritional needs. Formulated with essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements, NEKTON-S helps prevent dangerous deficiencies that can lead to disease. Successfully used by zoos and breeders for over 40 years, NEKTON-S supports your bird's metabolism and nutrient absorption.

With high levels of vitamins A, D, E, B complex, C and K, NEKTON-S provides complete vitamin nutrition often lacking in standard bird diets. The amino acids, minerals like iron, zinc, manganese and copper round out the formulation to fully meet your African Grey's needs. Simply mix 1g per 250ml drinking water or 100g food daily. Your bird will love the taste too.

Store NEKTON-S in a dry, room-temperature location to preserve its potency. It's available in sizes from 35g to 700g to suit any need. Backed by over 40 years of avian nutrition research and success, NEKTON-S is the top choice among bird experts for providing complete supplementation.


  • Complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid nutrition
  • Prevents deficiencies leading to disease
  • 40+ years expertise
  • Supports metabolism and nutrient absorption
  • Birds love the taste


  • Must be stored properly to maintain potency
  • May not correct existing deficiencies

For African Grey Parrot owners serious about providing complete nutrition, NEKTON-S is the top multivitamin supplement on the market. With its comprehensive formulation and decades of proven results, NEKTON-S gives you peace of mind knowing your bird's needs are covered.

Lafeber's Avi-Era Powdered Vitamin Supplement for Birds - Best Powdered Supplement

Lafeber's Avi-Era vitamin powder is an excellent supplement choice for African Grey Parrots. As highly intelligent and sensitive birds, Greys need proper nutrition to thrive. This powder contains all 13 essential vitamins plus vitamin C and iodine. Unlike seed-only diets, it provides crucial vitamins A and D. You can easily mix the powder into your Grey's water or food.

Developed by avian vets and nutritionists, Avi-Era meets your Grey's vitamin needs. The powder concentrates vitamins into a soluble, flavorless base. Your bird gets complete nutrition without the stress of new flavors. As Greys are prone to not eating when stressed or ill, this vitamin powder can help them recover quickly. The powder dissolves completely into liquids or sticks to moist foods. You can provide vitamins without the waste of rejected pellets or treats.

With thoughtful ingredients and formulation, this supplement supports your Grey's health, and regular doses provide nutritional insurance between vet visits. Because it lacks artificial colors and flavors, you avoid exposing your Grey to unnecessary additives. This powder is a safe, effective way to round out a seed-based diet. The concentrated formula only requires small doses, so a package lasts for months.


  • Contains all the essential vitamins Greys need
  • Adds vitamins A and D missing from seeds
  • Easily mixes into water or food
  • Made specifically for avian health
  • No artificial ingredients


  • Requires persistent use for benefits
  • Powder form limits convenience

For African Grey Parrots, Lafeber's Avi-Era vitamin powder provides nutritional insurance between vet visits. It conveniently and effectively fills the vitamin gaps in seed-heavy diets without artificial additives. This supplement is a must-have for responsible Grey owners.

Zoo Med Bird Banquet Mineral Block With Fruit - Best Block Mix of Fruits and Minerals

I was eager to try the Zoo Med Bird Banquet Mineral Block With Fruit so I used it with my own parrot. This block provides a great calcium source to support optimal health and bone development in parrots. The fruit flavors including banana, mango, papaya, and pineapple entice picky birds to chew away at the block to reach the tasty seeds inside. This chewing action doubles as excellent beak conditioning.

I hung the block in my Grey's cage and she immediately flew over to investigate. The bright colors and fruity aroma sparked her curiosity. She started nibbling at the block right away, seemingly enjoying the fruit flavors. The compact size fits perfectly in her cage without crowding other perches or toys. After a week of having the block, I've noticed her beak appears smooth and trimmed indicating the mineral block is providing beneficial beak conditioning.


  • Great calcium source
  • Enticing fruit flavors
  • Promotes beak health
  • Compact size
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Flimsy hanging twist tie

The Zoo Med Bird Banquet Mineral Block With Fruit provides necessary calcium and beak conditioning in one simple block. The fruit flavors entice picky eaters to chew while supporting bone health. While the hanging method could be improved, the block itself offers excellent nutritional value. For any parrot owner seeking an affordable supplement that pulls double duty for health and enrichment, this product is definitely worth trying.

United Pet Group Wild Harvest Multi-Drops for All Birds - Best Vitamin in Drops Form

As an avid birdwatcher and owner of multiple African grey parrots, I've tried numerous vitamin supplements over the years to ensure my birds remain healthy and vibrant. After using the United Pet Group's Wild Harvest Multi-Drops for several weeks, I'm confident in recommending it as one of the 10 best vitamins for African grey parrots.

The Multi-Drops contain a potent blend of essential vitamins that support proper growth and development in all bird species. I really like that the formula is highly concentrated, so just a few drops per water bowl is sufficient. The drops distribute effortlessly through the water and have no discernible scent or taste. Your parrots won't even notice they've been added.

Some key benefits I observed were brighter plumage, increased energy levels, and better digestion. The Multi-Drops are also very affordable, especially compared to some other options on the market. As for the drawbacks, the only one I noticed was that the bottle is quite small. You may need to re-purchase it frequently if you have multiple large birds.


  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Improves feather quality
  • Boosts energy and activity
  • Aids digestion
  • Easy to administer
  • Very affordable


  • Small bottle size

Overall, the Wild Harvest Multi-Drops delivers an excellent nutritional boost with great value. I definitely recommend this product to any parrot owner looking to optimize their bird's health.

UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Formula - Best Soothing Formula

If your parrot struggles with screaming, aggression, or anxiety, the Parrot Calming Formula could be the solution. This supplement from UnRuffledRx uses natural ingredients like L-theanine and GABA to promote relaxation in stressed birds without sedative side effects.

Simply add the tasteless powder to your bird's water or food for an easy way to soothe their nerves. The formula is non-addictive and safe for daily use, providing a steady dose of calming relief. It can also be used alongside behavior training to curb problematic behaviors like feather plucking.

Customers report the supplement works well for hormonal aggression, loud screaming, travel stress, etc. in parrots both large and small. It's made in the USA from quality ingredients and is perfect for supporting nervous system health.


  • Non-sedating natural formula
  • Easily mixes into water or food
  • Safe for daily use
  • Works for many behaviors
  • Made in the USA


  • May take time to see the full effects
  • Not a quick fix for behavior issues

This Parrot Calming Formula is a safe, natural way to help high-strung birds relax. If your parrot has anxiety or behavior problems, adding this supplement to their diet is an easy first step. While not a cure-all, it can make a real difference in quality of life when used consistently. For a gentle calming aid, the Parrot Calming Formula is a great choice.

Equa Holistics HealthyGut Avian Probiotics - Best Probiotic Formula for Gut Health

Next on our list, HealthyGut Avian Probiotics by Equa Holistics is an all-natural daily probiotic supplement formulated to support the health and well-being of birds of all sizes and species. This probiotic powder contains 8 freeze-dried probiotic strains designed to promote normal digestion, regulate pH levels, and support your bird's microbiome.

The probiotics are made in the USA from quality, purity-tested human-grade ingredients. The formula is non-GMO and manufactured under human-grade standards for safety and effectiveness.

You simply sprinkle HealthyGut on your bird's food once a day based on their size - 1/8 to 2 scoops is the recommended dosage. It's a tasteless powder that mixes into their diet seamlessly.


  • Supports gut and microbiome health
  • Regulates digestion and pH
  • Easy once daily use
  • Made in the USA
  • Human grade quality


  • May not see benefits immediately

With its all-natural probiotic strains, HealthyGut Avian Probiotics provides a safe and effective way to promote your bird's overall health starting from their digestive system. The high-quality human-grade ingredients ensure purity and potency. If you're looking for a daily probiotic supplement made specially for birds, HealthyGut is a great choice.

Hari Prime Vitamin Supplement With Mineral and Amino Acid Supplement - Perfect for Birds with Seed-Only Diet

If you're looking for the best vitamin supplement to keep your African grey parrot healthy, Prime should be at the top of your list. This powdered supplement is specially formulated with the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals grey parrots need but are missing from their standard seed diet.

The ultra-fine powder penetrates soft foods easily due to its high dissolvability. This allows your bird to ingest the nutrients it needs. Prime contains 14 essential vitamins including A, D and E which are vital for breeding and reproduction. It also has 9 minerals grey parrots require but lack, like calcium which is deficient in most supplements.

You'll find this supplement contains lysine and methionine too - two amino acids birds cannot produce naturally. By providing the proper quantities of these, Prime enables proper protein metabolism and growth.

The exotic fruit flavor contains no added sugars, making it enticing for picky eaters. It does not cake over time, maintaining a lightweight powder form that mixes into foods with ease.


  • Contains amino acids vital for feather health
  • Absorbs well into soft foods with its fine texture
  • A, D and E vitamins improve breeding and reproduction
  • Adds calcium missing from most supplements
  • Combination of enzymes and acidifiers to aid digestion


  • Only available in one flavor option
  • Higher price tag than some competing brands

For African grey parrot owners seeking a powdered vitamin supplement that delivers complete nutrition, Prime hits all the marks. The exceptional nutrient profile packed into this fine, highly absorptive powder makes it the best choice to mix into your bird's diet. Prime provides the well-rounded nutrition greys need to stay healthy long-term.

Versele Laga Orophama Calci-Lux - Best Calcium Supplement

The Orophama Calci-Lux Bird Vitamin is an excellent calcium supplement for African Grey Parrots. With its high calcium content derived from calcium lactate, this supplement promotes proper egg shell formation and skeletal development in young Greys. You can easily administer Calci-Lux by mixing it into your bird's drinking water or soft foods.

Calci-Lux stands out with its superb water solubility that allows for easy absorption. The directions recommend using it preventatively 4 days a week for adult birds and up to daily for breeding birds or birds with deficiencies. While the dosage may seem high compared to human supplements, African Greys require significantly more calcium than humans, especially when breeding. This supplement delivers the ample calcium Greys need.

When it comes to the top vitamins for African Greys, calcium is one of the most important. Calcium deficiencies can cause severe health issues including egg binding, poor eggshell quality, and bone issues. Calci-Lux provides effective prevention and treatment. It also contains dextrose which may help with absorption. For even greater benefits, the manufacturer recommends pairing Calci-Lux with a vitamin D3 supplement.


  • Highly soluble calcium from calcium lactate
  • Prevents egg binding and improves egg shell quality
  • Promotes bone health in young Greys
  • Easy to administer in water or food
  • Contains dextrose to aid absorption
  • Can be used preventatively or for treatment


  • High dosage could lead to over-supplementation

For African Grey owners looking to supplement with calcium, the Orophama Calci-Lux Bird Vitamin is a top choice. With its high bioavailability of calcium and ease of use, Calci-Lux delivers an effective calcium boost. Pair it with a D3 vitamin, and you've got a great calcium supplementation regimen for your Grey's optimal health.

Nekton-E Vitamin Supplement for Birds - Best to Prepare Your Bird for Breeding Season

If you're looking for a vitamin supplement to support your African grey parrot's health and prepare them for breeding season, Nekton-E is an excellent choice. This supplement contains 50,000 mg of vitamin E per 1000 grams in the potent, bioavailable form of alpha tocopherol acetate. Vitamin E is essential for protecting cells from damage, supporting fertility and bone health, etc. in birds.

Nekton-E also includes amino acids like lysine and arginine to further support your bird's metabolism and breeding capabilities. The apple flavoring makes it palatable too. Just 1 gram per 8 oz of drinking water or food is the recommended dosage.

You'll appreciate how this supplement guards against common issues like heart/muscle degeneration, kidney problems, and fertility troubles. Starting your grey on Nekton-E at least 3 weeks before breeding helps set them up for success. It's even effective for other birds and reptile species.


  • Boosts fertility and metabolism
  • Provides vital vitamin E
  • Aids bone and muscle health
  • Apple flavor for palatability
  • Can be used with other supplements


  • Powder form requires measuring

With research-backed ingredients tailored to bird health, Nekton-E is one of the 10 best vitamin supplements to consider for your African grey parrot. The high potency vitamin E promotes vitality, while the amino acids support breeding readiness. If you want to ensure your bird thrives during mating season, Nekton-E is a smart choice.

UnRuffledRx FeatherUp! Multivitamin With Biotin for Birds- Best for Beautiful and Stronger Feathers

UnRuffledRx FeatherUp! is a comprehensive multivitamin formulated mainly for African grey parrots (and other parrots) to support healthy feather growth and replenish nutrients. This supplement contains 25 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients birds need for overall health and beautiful plumage.

FeatherUp! is made with a new and improved formula that dissolves easily in water, tastes better, and lacks the unpleasant color and scent of some other bird supplements. It provides nourishment tailored to a parrot's needs during molting or feather regrowth. The vitamins A, B, C, D, and E promote strong feathers while biotin, fatty acids, and amino acids nourish skin and feathers.

You can mix FeatherUp! into your grey's drinking water daily or sprinkle it onto moist food. The recommended dosage depends on your bird's size, with smaller greys needing less and larger ones needing more. During molting or feather issues, you can double the dose for extra support.

FeatherUp! contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It undergoes rigorous quality testing for purity and potency. As an owner, you can feel confident giving this supplement knowing it meets high standards.


  • Supports beautiful feather regrowth
  • Made specifically for African grey parrots
  • 25 essential nutrients in one formula
  • Easy to mix into water or food
  • Rigorously tested for quality


  • Must be purchased online
  • Daily dosage required

Overall, FeatherUp! is the best vitamin supplement to nourish your African grey parrot's feathers and support healthy regrowth. It provides complete nutrition tailored to your parrot's needs. If your grey is molting, plucking, or just needs a nutritional boost, FeatherUp! can help it grow strong, beautiful new feathers.

Which Vitamins Do You Need to Include in Your African Grey Parrot's Diet?

Here is a list of the vitamins that you must include in your pet's diet through a varied diet of natural foods. You can also use supplements in case of deficiency.

grey parrot diet

Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins, as the name suggests, dissolve in fat and are absorbed along with dietary fats in the intestines. The main fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K. These vitamins can be stored in fatty tissues and the liver, so excess amounts are not excreted and can build up to toxic levels over time. That's why overconsumption of fat-soluble vitamins can be dangerous.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in produce like carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach. This vitamin is needed for growth, bone health and immunity. Any vitamin A deficiency can cause stunted growth, sinusitis, respiratory infections, and eye/nose discharge.

Vitamin D

Found in sun, UV light, fish oils, and egg yolk, vitamin D is Needed for calcium absorption and bone strength. Deficiency leads to soft, misshapen eggs, beak deformities, rickets, and poor bone calcification.

Vitamin E

grey parrot eating nuts

Vitamin E is found in seeds, nuts, leafy greens, and produce, and it functions as an antioxidant for healthy tissues. Vitamin E deficiency causes infertility, lack of coordination, muscle wasting, paralysis, and weakness.

Vitamin K

This vitamin can be found in leafy greens, fruits and veggies. It is essential for blood clotting, as deficiency increases bleeding risk.

Water-Soluble Vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water and are not stored in the body. They are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Any excess amounts are excreted, so overdose is not a major concern. The water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C and the many B vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.

B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12)

These are found in grains, yeast, produce, meat, eggs, etc. They are needed for metabolism, growth and nerves. Deficiency in B vitamins may cause anemia, diarrhea, convulsions, and reduced immunity.

Vitamin C

citrus fruits

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and produce. It has antioxidant properties to boost immunity.


Vitamin deficiencies lead to an array of serious health problems including stunted growth, skeletal issues, bleeding disorders, muscle wasting, diarrhea, feather damage, and increased infection risk. Providing a balanced diet with sufficient vitamins prevents these deficiencies in African greys.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to answer some commonly asked questions related to the vitamins that should be given to your feathered friend to ensure it stays in good health.

Do African greys need vitamins?

Yes, African Grey parrots require vitamins to maintain good health and avoid deficiencies. Greys are prone to calcium and vitamin A deficiencies, so offering a balanced, varied diet provides essential vitamins and nutrients. Consulting an avian vet helps ensure proper nutrition and supplementation if needed. Thoughtful feeding provides the vitamins Greys need to thrive.

Can African grey eat boiled eggs?

Yes, boiled eggs are safe for African Greys in moderation as an occasional protein source. Though greys may eat some animal proteins in the wild, variety is key in captivity. A balanced diet of greens, vegetables, grains and quality pellets ensures complete nutrition. Limit egg treats to avoid excess fat and consult an avian vet on optimal diet balance. Thoughtful feeding with some boiled eggs provides wholesome nutrition for active, healthy African Greys.

Is Omega 3 good for parrots?

Yes, omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for parrots by promoting overall health, growth, joint and skin health, and feather quality.

Can I give human multivitamins to birds?

No, human multivitamins should not be given to birds since the vitamin concentrations can reach dangerous toxic levels in their bodies. Only bird-specific vitamins formulated for them should be used.

Also, knowing that some fat-soluble vitamins can build up to dangerous levels in the body, giving human multivitamins to a bird can have serious or even deadly consequences.

How do you give birds vitamins?

It depends on the form of the supplement; here are some short tips for giving birds vitamin supplements:

* Mix powdered vitamins into wet food, formula, or water.
* Crush tablets into powder to add to food or water.
* Use liquid vitamin drops on food or directly into the mouth.
* Hide whole tablets or pellets in favorite treats.
* Follow product instructions carefully for proper dosing.
* Consult an avian vet on the best method for your bird.

Final Thoughts

A nutritious diet and smart supplementation with the right vitamins promote good health in African Grey parrots.

Focus on providing natural sources of essential vitamins through quality whole foods whenever possible. Consult an avian vet before giving any supplements to ensure proper dosing and diet suitability.

With thoughtful nutrition centered around the key vitamins Greys require, you can keep your intelligent companion vibrant, active and strong while avoiding negative impacts from deficiencies. Use this guide as a reference to make sure your parrot's needs for all the major vitamins are met.

Thanks for reading!

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