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10 Best Fish Tanks of 2024 - Aquarium Brands Reviews & Guide

First published:  December 9, 2023
Last updated: April 5, 2024
10 Best Fish Tanks of 2024 - Aquarium Brands Reviews & Guide
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The Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit is our top pick for the Best Fish Tank due to its comprehensive setup, including robust filtration, accurate heating, and full LED hood lighting for a stunning aquascape. This quality 55-gallon glass tank from a trusted brand offers flexibility in fish variety and habitat stability, ideal for both novices and seasoned fishkeepers. Although it has a higher cost and a plastic hood that's less durable, the benefits of this feature-rich, complete kit make it an unbeatable choice for a complete freshwater experience.

As beautiful additions that promote tranquility, aquariums allow us to appreciate exotic underwater vistas we may not otherwise see. Thanks to online shopping, acquiring one of these tanks is remarkably convenient nowadays.

However, selecting that ideal aquarium for your home can prove daunting given the abundant options. Several key considerations exist when deciding - namely, size to accommodate desired fish, shape and material influencing durability and aesthetics, and extra features like lighting or filtration matching needs and preferences.

This article explores popular varieties so you can determine the perfect one to establish a healthy, decorative marine environment.

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Our Top Aquariums for Your Fish in 2024

Based on our own testing, research and experience, the following are the best fish tanks you can buy today, tested and reviewed by our team to provide you with only the best options.

Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit - Best Complete Kit

The Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit- our best overall pick- delivers everything you need to set up a thriving freshwater environment in one complete package. With over 50 years of fishkeeping expertise behind it, Tetra is a name you can trust for quality aquatics products. This spacious 55-gallon glass tank allows you to house a vibrant, diverse community of fish. The included whisper-quiet filter easily maintains crystal-clear water quality even with heavy stocking loads. The powerful 200W heater accurately regulates water temperatures between 76-82°F, perfect for most tropical species.

You'll appreciate how the full-tank hood with integrated LEDs creates bright, naturalistic lighting to really make your aquascape pop. While the economical plastic construction may not be as durable or versatile as some alternatives, it gets the job done. The kit also contains essential accessories like water conditioners, fish food, decor, a net, and a thermometer to simplify setup.

When it comes to the best tanks for fish, bigger is always better. This generous 55-gallon environment gives you so much more flexibility in aquascaping, stocking compatible species, and stabilizing water parameters. Both beginners and experts alike will benefit from the complete contents and trusted Tetra quality included.


  • Spacious 55-gallon tank
  • Robust, quiet filtration
  • Accurate heater for tropical fish
  • Full LED hood lighting
  • Contains complete setup accessories


  • Plastic hood less durable
  • High initial cost

When it comes to loaded freshwater aquarium kits, the Tetra 55 Gallon is hard to beat. You get a high-quality tank and equipment backed by years of fishkeeping expertise. Both beginners and experts will appreciate this spacious complete setup.

Fluval Evo XII Saltwater Aquarium Kit - Best Saltwater option

The Fluval Sea EVO 13.5-gallon aquarium is one of the best small saltwater tanks available today. Despite its compact size, it delivers powerful filtration and bright lighting on par with much larger aquariums. This makes it an ideal option if you want to enjoy a mini reef ecosystem without sacrificing performance.

The three-stage filtration system with oversized mechanical, chemical, and biological media keeps water crystal clear. Foam blocks capture debris while the BioMax insert supports beneficial bacteria. Activated carbon removes impurities, odors, and discoloration. Combined with the honeycomb rear compartment concealment, you get outstanding water quality in a stylish, modern-looking package.

You also get Fluval's signature 14,000K LED lighting system. The crisp white light optimizes coral growth and coloration for a vibrant, healthy-looking reef environment. Convenient day and night illumination settings enable you to tune the lighting to your aquarium inhabitants' needs.


  • Powerful 3-stage filtration for superior water quality
  • Bright 14,000K LED lighting promotes coral growth
  • Sleek honeycomb design with concealed rear compartment
  • Compact 13.5-gallon capacity great for desktops
  • Easy-feed canopy and aluminum waterproof casing


  • Doesn't include heater or other accessories
  • Limited expandability due to small footprint

For nano reef enthusiasts wanting professional-grade equipment in a desktop-friendly package, the Fluval Sea EVO is a top choice. With robust filtration, vibrant lighting, and a streamlined modern design, it delivers an exceptional saltwater aquarium experience even at this modest size. If you want miniature reef vibes without sacrificing performance or aesthetics, the EVO 13.5 gallon warrants a top spot on your shortlist.

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit - Best Small Size

Our next pick- Marineland's Portrait Aquarium Kit creates a stunning centerpiece for any room with its curved glass tank and hidden filtration system. As one of the best five-gallon aquariums on the market, it provides a beautiful yet easy-to-maintain habitat for small tropical fish.

The kit's three-stage hidden filter and adjustable flow pump keep the water crystal clear without distracting from the display. The unique glass canopy slides open for convenient access when feeding your fish or adding treatments. The integrated white and blue LED lighting system mimics both natural daylight and moonlight with the flip of a switch. It also hinges open to allow easy tank maintenance.

With its rounded corners and glass construction, the 5-gallon Marineland Portrait tank offers panoramic front-to-side viewing so you can admire your fish from any angle. The sleek black trim complements the contemporary decor. At just 12 pounds, the tank won't overload shelves or tabletops.


  • Sleek curved glass design shows fish beautifully
  • Hidden three-stage filtration keeps water clean
  • LED lighting creates shimmering "sunlight" and moonlight glow
  • Easy hinged access for lighting and sliding canopy
  • Fits perfectly on tables or counters


  • Doesn't include a heater
  • No substrate or decor included

With its unique appearance and easy maintenance, the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit makes an exceptional display tank for any small freshwater ecosystem. The stylish black and glass construction blends with any decor while providing a healthy filtered habitat for bettas, guppies, tetras, and other nanofish. If you want a contemporary showpiece aquarium that practically cares for itself, the Marineland Portrait is a top choice to consider.

AQQA 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kits Desktop Small Fish Tank - Best Self-Cleaning

The AQQA 1.5 Gallon Fish Tank Kit is a compact, multifunctional aquarium perfect for beginners looking to add a decorative accent to their home or office. With its modern black glass construction, integrated filtration and lighting systems, and easy maintenance, this nano tank simplifies fishkeeping.

Centered around a crisp rectangular frame, the kit combines vital functionality for small-scale aquariums. The 3-in-1 whisper-quiet pump powers efficient mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration while also oxygenating the water and powering circulation. An adjustable 8-color LED strip lets you customize lighting colors and brightness to highlight your mini ecosystem.

Designed with starter tanks in mind, the AQQA kit consolidates necessities to reduce hassle. The included temperature display, for example, helps monitor conditions, while the pump cuts down on manual siphoning during water changes. The simplified setup ensures proper filtration and circulation are established from day one.


  • Sleek modern style blends any decor
  • Convenient all-in-one system
  • DIY-friendly for beginners
  • Vibrant customizable LED lighting
  • Crystal-clear full-tank viewing


  • Limited 1.5-gallon capacity
  • Filtration can be noisy

With its streamlined black aesthetics, the AQQA 1.5-gallon tank radiates contemporary elegance on desktops and shelves. For those seeking a starter Fish Tank to exhibit small species like Bettas and Guppies, this kit's comprehensive equipment helps launch your aquarium ambitions. Its unmatched simplicity lets the transfixing underwater drama shine.

Landen 90P 55 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank - Best Simple Design

Next on our list is the LANDEN 55-gallon rimless glass aquarium tank, an excellent option for fishkeeping enthusiasts looking for a spacious and visually stunning display tank. With dimensions of 35.4" x 19.7" x 19.7", this rectangular tank provides ample room for aquascaping creations and swimming space for both small and large freshwater or marine fish.

The rimless open-top design allows for unobstructed 180-degree panoramic viewing, fully immersing you in the underwater world. The ultra-clear low-iron glass used in construction has a 91% light transmittance rate for crisp visibility. The precise 10mm thick panels are cut and polished to form smooth beveled edges and seamlessly fused joints secured with optically clear silicone.

Setting up this 98.6-pound tank is easy thanks to the included EVA foam cushioning and secure wooden crate packaging. Despite the size, the glass is durable enough for long-term use. Standard features like right-angle corners and thickness uniformity ensure optical clarity is consistent across the entire viewing area.


  • Spacious 55-gallon capacity
  • 91% light transmittance clarity
  • Durable 10mm thick glass
  • Protective shipping materials
  • Visually stunning rimless open-top


  • Heavy at 98.6 pounds
  • No built-in filtration included

With its combination of ample space, crystal clear views, and rimless modern aesthetics, the LANDEN tank is arguably the best glass aquarium option for showcasing eye-catching aquascapes or fish collections. The quality construction and secure packaging also make this a long-lasting centerpiece tank worth investing in.

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit - Best for Beginner Aquarists

Aqueon's Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit stands out for a number of practical reasons. Designed with a beginner-friendly perspective, but also with features that cater to the seasoned hobbyist, this 10-gallon glass aquarium encompasses all the essential components to kick-start a home aquarium.

The LED hood, gracefully embedded with nine LED modules, ensures even and vibrant lighting that not only highlights the beauty of your aquatic setup but also supports the growth of plants. The inclusion of a heater that maintains a steady 78 degrees, suitable for most tropical fish, is an especially valuable addition.

The QuietFlow Power Filtration system is impressive with its Lab Certified Flow Rate of 100 gallons per hour, backed up by five stages of advanced filtration. The visual cue provided by the red LED light for filter changes simplifies maintenance remarkably. Less time guessing when to switch cartridges means more time to enjoy the tranquility of your aquatic pets.

Completing the package, the kit provides a useful assortment of accessories including a sample of fish food, water conditioner, a fish net, and a thermometer—essentials to sustain a healthy aquatic environment. The included setup guide is comprehensible and crafted with the novice in mind.


  • LED hood provides bright, full-tank illumination
  • Shatter-resistant heater with consistent temperature
  • QuietFlow filter with easy cartridge change indicator
  • Comprehensive setup guide and essential accessories included
  • Five-stage advanced filtration for a clean environment


  • Decor and gravel not included
  • The setup requires a patient 24-hour stabilization

The Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit, with its blend of functionality and simplicity, offers an inviting experience for beginners and a reliable tool for experienced fish keepers. This product promises a well-rounded introduction to establishing the best fish tank for hobbyists who appreciate a balance of beauty and practicality in their aquatic ventures.

Penn-Plax Small World Habitat – Best Portable Option

The Penn-Plax Small World Habitat offers a 4-gallon sanctuary that suits a variety of small critters like hermit crabs or smaller fish. Constructed with durable plastic, this rectangular indoor habitat addresses the fundamental needs of small pet owners who require a reliable and versatile enclosure.

The tank volume is modest at 4 gallons, suitable for owners who engage in the care of smaller aquatic pets or use it as a good way to transport fish. It strikes a balance between the compact size and the spatial requirement needed for adequate mobility for small creatures.

The slotted cover ensures proper ventilation, which is crucial for a breathable and healthy environment. Meanwhile, the central flip-top feeder, which measures 9.75” by 5”, simplifies the task of feeding, allowing larger food items to be introduced to the habitat effortlessly. Such utilities can make the daily management of the tank less cumbersome.


  • Compact size suitable for small spaces
  • Durable rust-resistant plastic construction
  • Favorable for a variety of small animals
  • Flip-top central feeder enhances usability
  • Assorted colors provide visual choice


  • Does not include a built-in handle
  • Limited to small aquatic pets and creatures

The Penn-Plax Small World Habitat boasts features that cater to the essential needs of ventilation and feeding, with a stress on rust resistance which is noteworthy for its longevity. It's a practical choice, albeit constricted by its size constraint limiting its suitability to smaller animals. It’s a compelling option for those seeking a small, functional habitat for transportability and portability purposes.

JAJALE 63 Gallon Coral Reef Aquarium Tank - Best Premium Design & Aesthetics

The JAJALE Silver Coral Reef Aquarium Tank represents a substantial investment for any aquarist aiming to create a pristine environment for their aquatic life. This 63-gallon tank is designed with the serious aquarium enthusiast in mind, boasting a sleek and modern silver trim that adds to its rimless and lightweight build. Ideal for both seasoned hobbyists and those looking to upgrade, this spacious tank accommodates a variety of fish species and reef setups.

Perhaps the tank's most commendable feature is its high-quality, low-iron tempered ultra-clear glass which provides exceptional clarity. With a visible light transmittance surpassing 91.5%, it promises an unobstructed and vibrant view of the tank's inhabitants. Furthermore, the resilience of the “crystal glass” against scratches and potential damage is of considerable benefit for a tank that will likely be a focal point in any setting.

Included in the package is an all-encompassing 40-gallon main tank along with a built-in 23-gallon sump-filtration system, neatly housed within a matte-finish cabinet. The smart design of the sump system is tailored to support coral life, demonstrating JAJALE's understanding of the unique requirements of reef aquariums. The component parts are thoughtfully constructed, including areas for a protein skimmer, top-off reservoir, and filter sock unit, offering an ideal filtration solution for maintaining water quality.

Ease of use is evident in the simple plumbing setup, which is compatible with both saltwater and freshwater systems. This feature, combined with the sturdy, corrosion-resistant stand that promises longevity, renders the overall management of the aquarium as hassle-free as possible.


  • Ultra-clear, low-iron tempered glass
  • Specialized sump system for reef tanks
  • Easy installation and plumbing management
  • Rimless and modern aesthetic design
  • Durable stand with waterproof capabilities
  • Available in capacities from 40 to 250 gallong


  • Substantial weight may hinder movement
  • Very expensive

The JAJALE Silver Coral Reef Aquarium Tank stakes a solid claim among the best fish tanks available, offering a combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and durability. If you're willing to make the investment, JAJALE provides an impressive foundation for both novices and experts to cultivate their ideal marine or freshwater habitats.

Penn-Plax Water World Luxury Large Bow - Best Bow Front Fish Tank

The Penn-Plax 58 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium is a contemporary, sturdy acrylic tank that promises not only a home for your fish but also a detailed, engaging spectacle for the observer. The remote-controlled LED lighting system allows customization of the aquarium ambiance with a spectrum of colors and light intensities, coupled with a programmable timer to ensure the aquatic display is lit to your preference.

The modern aesthetic is enriched by the square shape and the contrasting black and transparent color scheme. But this tank isn't just about looks; it's functionally designed with a 360-degree view that unfolds the beauty of aquatic life without obstruction. Ensuring the tank's components remain organized and out of sight, the top compartment ingeniously houses all electrical parts including a dual outlet air pump and power strip, which many aquarists will find to be a clutter-free advantage.

Maintenance has been greatly considered as well. The inclusion of a powerful, fully submersible water pump is connected to an innovative top-down 5-stage filtration system. Standard media such as a coarse sponge, floss pads, and bio balls are included, but the flexibility to customize the filter media to the tank's individual requirements shows the product's versatility. The thoughtful incorporation of a bottom drainage hose further eases the often cumbersome process of water changes and maintenance.

Penn-Plax didn’t neglect the need for easy feedings; a separate compartment is ingeniously crafted into the top cover, serving as a convenient pathway to nourish your aquatic pets.


  • Customizable LED lighting with remote
  • 360-degree clear acrylic view
  • Integrated 5-stage filtration system
  • Convenient bottom drainage hose
  • Hidden electrical components storage


  • Limited color options for the tank
  • May require additional customization for some setups

The Penn-Plax 58 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium is evidently a well-thought-out habitat that resonates with the needs of both fish and fish keepers. It bridges the gap between functionality and beauty, which is a characteristic often sought but rarely found in the quest for the best fish tanks.

Koller Products 6-Gallon AquaView 360 Aquarium - Best Tube Aquarium

The Koller Products 6-Gallon AquaView 360 Aquarium offers a sleek and modern take on the traditional fish tank. Designed specifically for tropical and betta fish, this cylindrical aquarium kit integrates calming aesthetics with functionality, providing a tranquil environment for both the fish and the viewer.

Crafted from impact-resistant plastic, the tank provides the appearance of glass without the fragility, making it a safer option in households with children or pets. At 6 gallons, it gives ample space for fish to swim, while maintaining a compact design suitable for a variety of settings, from home offices to children's bedrooms.

One of the most captivating aspects of the AquaView 360 is its LED lighting system, which comes with seven vibrant color selections. The tank's internal power filter, with a 45-gallon-per-hour flow rate, ensures the water remains clean and clear. Practical and easy to maintain, it uses readily available AQ10FC-60 Koller Products small filter cartridges.

Moreover, the built-in light timer is a hassle-free feature that enables you to automate the LED lighting schedule. Not only does this save energy, but it eliminates the need to manually operate the lights, providing a consistent light cycle for the fish.


  • Impressive LED color selection
  • Impact-resistant, safe for kids
  • Efficient internal filtration system
  • Built-in light timer feature
  • Comes with a user setup guide


  • Less elegant than glass tanks

The AquaView 360 from Koller exemplifies modern aquarium design with wellness and convenience in mind. While it may not satisfy all preferences, it is still a compelling option for families and individuals seeking the therapeutic companionship of aquatic pets without extensive maintenance demands.

Buying Guide - Factors to Consider While Choosing an Aquarium

Choosing the right aquarium is an important decision that impacts the type of fish you can own, placement, maintenance needs, and long-term enjoyment. This buying guide covers key considerations when selecting an aquarium.

big aquarium capacity

Size, Shape and Capacity

When selecting an aquarium, size, shape, and capacity are critical factors. These dimensions directly impact the health of your fish, the ecosystem's balance, and the overall aesthetic of the tank within your space.

A rectangular shape is most beneficial for gas exchange and offers more swimming room for your fish. However, the Koller AquaView's cylindrical design might appeal to those looking for a unique, space-saving option, though the surface area is lower, affecting the oxygen levels.

A tank's capacity should be chosen based on the type and number of fish you plan to keep, as well as the available space you have. The Tetra 55-gallon Aquarium Kit is an excellent example of a good size and capacity, providing ample room for your aquatic friends. The JAJALE options provide capacities between 40 and 250 gallons to suit the needs of different fish and owners, but they are premium options with aesthetically stunning designs that come at premium price points.

Price Point & Budget

aquarium tanks budget

Setting a budget helps narrow down options, but remember that price is often indicative of quality and features. For a detailed overview of the costs you can expect when setting up your new aquarium, check our guide on how much an aquarium costs. Some affordable options still offer clear glass and a variety of sizes, making them a versatile choice for various budgets.

On the higher end, premium products like the Jajale merge functionality with an elegant oak cabinet, justifying its cost with added features and furniture appeal.

Set a specific budget and then check which options you can afford; try to remain within budget to avoid overspending. At the same time, don't cheap out to the point of getting a low-quality tank that may leak and cause all sorts of issues.

Included Components & Accessories - Full Kit or Tank Only

Choosing between a full kit or just a tank depends on your comfort level with fishkeeping and your desire for customization. Starters may prefer kits like the Tetra Aquarium Tank kit, which includes a filter, cartridge, LED light, and heater.

Conversely, more experienced hobbyists might opt for just the tank, allowing for a personalized selection of high-quality accessories.

Fresh Water vs. Salt Water

Deciding between a freshwater or saltwater aquarium will influence the type of fish you can keep and the maintenance required.

Freshwater setups generally offer an easier maintenance regimen, while saltwater tanks, like a cichlid or saltwater setup, usually need more investment in both time and equipment due to the complex ecosystems they support.

The type(s) of fish you intend to keep will decide which type of setup you must go with.


An aquarium's weight is an essential consideration, especially when filled with water and substrate.

For instance, the JAJALE 250-gallon fish tank not only has a significant weight due to its 250-gallon capacity but also adds the weight of a sturdy oak cabinet, demanding a robust and level foundation.

Decide on the size, capacity and placement of your aquarium before buying a specific model. If you intend to move it around, you might need to opt for a smaller option. Going with a very large capacity means having a fixed placement for the aquarium.

When setting up a large aquarium, choosing the proper filtration system is crucial to maintaining water quality for your fish. Check out our aquarium filters for large tanks guide here.

Materials & Build Quality

aquarium materials

Materials factor into the tank's durability, clarity, and weight. Glass aquariums offer classic clarity and scratch resistance but can be heavy. Meanwhile, options like biOrb Tube Aquarium showcase the virtues of acrylic, providing lightweight and shatterproof advantages, though prone to scratching.

Typical glass tanks are often sealed with silicone, which could distract from the visual pleasure, whereas acrylic tanks like often feature seamless construction.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an aquarium, quality matters. While tempting bargains may exist from lesser-known brands, established names like Marineland and Tetra offer reliability backed by years in the industry. Investing in quality equipment upfront saves money and headaches down the road.

Ultimately, the aquarium you curate reflects your aesthetic tastes and budget. Define your goals, then select durable, functional products to bring your underwater vision to life. Advanced acrylics and scratch-resistant glass now allow for stunning lagoon-style reef tanks ideal for family spaces.

Once your aquarium is set up, proper maintenance is essential for the health of your fish. Investing some time in cleaning your fish tank regularly pays off with a thriving underwater environment.

We invite you to share recommendations on brands and products that have worked well in your aquariums. Let us know if you’ve had positive or negative experiences with any of the companies mentioned here.

Thanks for reading!

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