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The 10 Best Decorations For Betta Fish - Reviews & Buyer Guide

First published:  May 16, 2023
Last updated: May 5, 2024
The 10 Best Decorations For Betta Fish - Reviews & Buyer Guide
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The BiOrb Sea Lily White is our top pick for the Best Decoration For Betta Fish. This soft and natural-looking artificial plant provides hiding spots and entertainment for betta fish. Its fur-like fronds cover the tank floor nicely but are hard to clean. The lily's heavy base keeps it in place without irritating fish. Though cleaning is tough, its high quality and appeal make it our top decoration pick.

Bettas are curious, intelligent, and somehow aggressive; in order to keep them engaged and happy, owners are recommended to keep fish accessories, toys, and decorative materials in their tanks.

Spending time in a dull, colorless enclosure, Bettas become bored, stressed, and lifeless. Decoration accessories—shipwrecks, balls, foliage, leaves, etc.—are excellent for creating a stimulating environment and helping the tank mates swim, hide, and play freely.

A fact about bettas is that they like to come to the top to breathe, especially during the dry seasons in the wild. That's why they also like to play with the floating toys near the water surface in their aquariums.

In this guide, we have enlisted ten unique decorations to add life to the fish tank. Besides keeping your fish busy, these betta toys will make their habitat natural and lift their mood. 

Let's explore them!

No Time To Read The Whole Article? No Worries. We’ve Done The Work For You And Compiled A List Of The Top Performers.

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Do Decorations For Betta Fish Entertain Them?

Absolutely yes! Many Betta tank decorations are natural or perfectly imitate the natural environment to make Betta happy. Tank decorations help your Betta fish jump, hide, and cheer their habitat. Eventually, it calms aggression in betta fish, improves their health, and reduces boredom.

Bettas are kept in separate tanks because they fight with other fish species; that's why they call them Siamese fighting fish. When they get entertaining decorations in the tank, they get satisfied and happily involve themselves in healthy activities.

Our Top Picks of The Best Betta Fish Decorations

We understand fish accessories decorate the tank, make it stylish, and offer sources of entertainment for fish.

However, every tank accessory is not reliable, long-lasting, and valuable, but the one bought after appropriate research is.

This article has reviewed quality brands that are cost-effective and safe for your pet. Let's delve into our list!

Based on our research, testing, and experience, below is our final list:

 BiOrb Sea Lily White

Biorb Sea Lily is a pretty and soft artificial aquarium plant that is stylish and liked by most fish breeds. This beautiful plant is inspired by fur-like creatures found in southern China seas. Betta Fish like to play, jump and hide in this plant's long and massive fur.

Since this plastic decoration is heavily furry, it covers the aquarium's entire bottom nicely. It neither floats nor irritates the aquatic animals in the tank because its heavy round ball keeps it fixed in its place.

This decoration piece is safe and compatible with salt water, fresh water, and tropical aquariums.


  • Delicate and lightweight 
  • Soft and looks natural 
  • Easy to place in aquariums


  • Hard to clean 
  • Gets dirty quickly

Though cleaning these white lily furs is strenuous, they are a great source of entertainment for your pet. Moreover, these good-quality plastic plants make the aquarium attractive and appealing.

Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

You have an inquisitive betta fish as a pet that gets bored when you don't offer it anything for enjoyment. The Zoo Med Floating Betta Log is one of the best artificial betta fish toys to place in the pets' aquarium to kill their boredom.

Floating Betta Log includes a feeding hole that holds the fish food in one place so that it can eat quickly and easily.

It is a stunning tubular-styled unique log that fish like to get anchored to or jump inside or out of. If you don't want floating logs, you can hang them in one place using a suction cup. 

Zoo med is a natural-looking safe log that doesn't affect the aquarium water's PH level but facilitates the fish in sleep, play, breeding, feeding, or blowing a bubble nest.


  • It contains a feeding hole
  • Looks attractive and real
  • Cost-effective
  • Recommended for a 2-gallon aquarium


  • Makes tank water smelly

Buying a floating log is a great option to engage Betta in healthy activities, as they like to hang out in them. You can also get one to make your aquarium stylish and Betta happy.

10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Package - Anacharis, Swords, Vallisneria, and More!

Offering a sea-like feeling to Bettas can make them happy; the 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants Package is readily available to enhance the biological ecosystem of the aquarium.

The plants' package includes stems of Anacharis, Amazon Swords, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze, Moneywort, Red Ludwigia, Red Flame Sword, Rotala Indica, Vallisneria, and a wispy plant like Cabomba.

This plant bunch is best for creating a natural habitat in the aquarium. Your betta fish needs well-filtered and oxygenated water, and this package helps convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and maintain water quality.


  • Establish natural environment
  • Offers good hiding spots
  • Great for 10-gallon betta tanks 


  • Extreme weather can affect plant growth

Such colorful and eye-catching decorations calm the Betta, reduce its stress, and gives it the feeling of a natural habitat. Pet owners are supposed to ensure the availability of appropriate light for plant growth; otherwise, they will get wilted. 

COOSPIDER Betta Fish Leaf Pad Hammock

COOSPIDER Betta Fish Leaf Pad Hammock is a stunning combination of a dark cave and bionic plastic leaves. The cave helps the Betta, crayfish, cichlid, shrimps, crabs, and other species hide, spawn, breed, and enjoy their privacy.

The aquarium-safe resin cave rock looks adorable and secure to fish fins and bodies; similarly, the bionic leaves are also safe for fish and water quality.

The Leaf Pad Hammock makes the fish tank colorful and adds vitality; it easily complements every other decoration to make it super-stylish.


  • Makes the tank vivid and lively
  • Designed with safe materials
  • Easy to clean 
  • Suitable to plenty of fish tanks


  • Leaves easily fall off

The Resin Rock Mountain Cave Ornaments can be placed in medium to small-size fish tanks. If, being a pet enthusiast, you are concerned about your fish's privacy; you are recommended to try this decoration piece.

2 Pack Betta Fish Leaf Pad Cousduobe

Bettas love to take a break after swimming, so why not bring them Betta Fish Leaf Pad Cousduobe for rest and decorate their aquarium?

Your Betta likes to play on leaves, so this double-leaf design is the best for it. The bigger leaf size is 2.36''x1.77" while, the smaller leaf is 1.97'x1.50 inches, making the unique leaf duo perfect for all aquariums. 

Installing this decoration is a breeze; you only need a sturdy suction cup (included in the package).

If your fish doesn't like to rest on a hammock or the water surface, this leaf pack is a sweet spot for them to relax and sleep.


  • Featherweight
  • Great resting place for fish
  • Long-lasting material
  • Stunning decorative items 
  • Durable and safe for the fish skin 


  •  The leaves are not made of soft plastic

This leaf pair is durable, soft, and stylish, making any fish tank modern and unique. We hope your little pets will love this new addition to their enclosure.

GSD Star-Fish Broken Barrel Decor

Another unique aquarium accessory for Betta fish is the GSD Star-Fish Barrel, which has an entrance hole above, giving an impression of a broken barrel.

The two cute artificial starfish are fixed on the barrel, which makes it attractive and fish-friendly. In addition, the material of this ornament is non-toxic and odor-free, making it safe for Betta fish.

This unique decor creates an ideal environment and landscape for fish in the aquarium. It is considered the best decorative item, providing your pet with a great place to hide, rest, and play.

In addition, its appearance develops a sense of age in the pet tank. It is a fantastic deal for older Betta fish! 


  • Durable and beautiful
  • Convenient and practical
  • Place vertically or horizontally.
  • Includes two star-fish pieces


  • Not suitable for saltwater reef tanks

This toy barrel acts like a cave where fish can rest, breed, and play, but its distinctive and striking design makes it more than a toy and a good value for money!

Ameliade Betta Aquarium Cave Decorations

Our next recommended decorative item for Betta fish is an Ameliade betta aquarium decoration.

These are two pieces of decorations (fish tank cave and plant decorations) manufactured with silk and non-toxic PVC material, which is safe for fish because this plastic doesn't melt, stink, or create algae issues. Even the color doesn't fade.

This leaf pad is an excellent tank accessory for Betta, shrimps, crayfish, hermit crabs, and cichlid. The vivid, beautiful leaves sway with the water waves, and you can view beautiful scenes. 


  • Made of non-toxic material 
  • Soft and lifelike leaves
  • Perfect for different tank sizes


  • The grass has rough edges for fish skin 

These artificial plants for a betta fish aquarium offer a naturally-looking habitat to your pet where they can swim, play, and enjoy their life. 

Keeping these decorations with the rock, grass, and coral reef can make your Fish super-happy. 

Otimark 2 Piece Realistic Faux Silk Aquarium Ficus

If you want to add beautiful color to the Betta fish aquarium, Otimark 2 Piece Realistic Faux Silk Aquarium Ficus can go well.

These silk plants are sturdy yet soft and safe for the fish- truly imitating the natural plants.

Once you install them in the tank, nobody can guess whether they are natural or artificial. Luckily, there is no health risk associated with these accessories.

The ceramic base is solid enough to keep the plants in place so they may not fall into the aquarium or over the fish. You can use these tank toys for pets - turtles, fish, reptiles, etc. 


  • Ceramic base 
  • Soft and stylish 
  • Looks so natural 
  • It brings colors to the aquariums 


  • Problematic suction cups

The 1.96 "D x 4.52" W x 4.72 "H make this item best to place in different aquariums. Give this item a try because we are sure that your pet will love its colorful enclosure.

2 Pieces Silicone Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

The 2-piece Betta bed hammocks are another safe choice to incorporate a classic touch to the Betta fish enclosure. Thanks to the lightweight, waterproof, and long-lasting plastic material, that has value for the money and doesn't harm your pet.

These colorful leaf hammocks are BPA-free (bisphenol A), which suits your pet's health and doesn't cause any fish diseases.

With the help of suction cups, you can install them inside the aquarium for a longer time; the brand guarantees that these super-quality hammocks will not fall when Betta takes a nap.

The 11 x 4.5 cm/ 4.3 x 1.77-inch dimensions show that these hammocks are perfect for small tanks, but if you have more Bettas and large tanks, you can order more hammocks. 


  • Colorful decoration
  • Lightweight and soft 
  • Easy to attach 
  • No sharp edges 


  • Leaves are flimsy 

If you want a pet decorative material that combines affordability, quick installation, and quality, you can go with this option.

GSD Wreck Car Fish Tank Decor Aquarium Resin Ornaments

Wreck Car is an adorable tank decor item designed with quality material that neither harms the fish nor negatively influences the water quality. It doesn't release any chemical or element even if kept longer in the water. 

The GSD Wreck car package comes with 1 piece of Wreck Car and 2 pieces of colorful coral ornaments that complete the tank environment together. This beautiful wreck ornament incorporates the sense of age in the tank landscape.

Since it is realistic and unique, it suits most undersea creatures and gives more life to the fish tank. By putting this car and corals with star-fish, wreck ship, and other aquatic plants, you can provide a modern touch to your tank. 


  • Attractive Appearance
  • Super-quality material
  • Beautiful and long-lasting
  • Unique yet realistic
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for bigger fish

This is an incredible option if you are looking for an artistic and unique pet toy. Pet fish use this prop as a hiding space and love to stay and hide in this toy car because, unlike other sharp or hard toys, it neither pinches nor hurts the fish's body. It is all safe!

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Betta Fish Decorations: A Thorough Buying Guide

You must consider some crucial factors to buy the best fish tank ornaments from the market. We have mentioned a list of worthy elements to help you get the best from the rest.

Type Of Decoration

aquarium decor

You can decorate the Betta fish aquariums with natural materials like plants, pieces of driftwood, rocks, moss balls, and numerous other playful items.

Live plants are great for increasing oxygen in the enclosure, but fake plants are also good options if they are made of soft plastic or silk. 

Driftwood is another beautiful item as it provides private places for fish so they can hide, play, anchor, and have hours of fun. But remember, placing it in the tank for a long time can lower the pH level of the water; bettas don't like to have acidic water in their aquariums.

Moss balls are also multi-beneficial tank toys that require zero maintenance, suck up nitrates, offer oxygen, and prevent extra organic matter (algae) growth.

Keep An Eye On Edges

People love to decorate aquariums with plants, rocks, or leaves, but many of those accessories are sharp and can risk pet life.

So, while choosing such decorations, never go for beach materials due to their sharp or rough edges.


Avoid adding metals as they can quickly catch rust which is very harmful to fish. In addition, the rust might leave traces in the tank making the water condition unlivable for the sensitive bettas.

Moreover, shells, coral gravels, or glass items are not recommended for the Betta fish tanks.

Whatever you decide to buy for your Betta's tank, make sure it is an aquarium-safe item, durable, odor-free, and non-toxic. Also, hard and sharp-edged things can cut the fish's skin.

Size Of Decorative Item

aquarium size

Fish tanks are of different sizes; circular tanks are small, but rectangular and square-shaped tanks are typically large. So, you must pick the correct size accessories for the particular tanks.

Adding too small items in a larger tank is not a great idea, and likewise, adding too large decorations in a small tank will make the enclosure messy and congested. 


aquarium decor cost

The price depends on the size and weight of the decorations, such as leaves, moss balls, rocks, etc.

For example, you can get a pack of leaves for less than 7$; the price goes up in the case of stones and more extensive decoration items. So, pick one that suits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bubbling Toys Good For Betta?

Yes, Bettas get delighted and excited to have tiny air bubbles in their tank. However, using bubbling toys only for female Bettas is preferable because they enjoy them, while males take bubbles as competition.

What About Ping Pong Balls For Betta?

Bettas love to have simple ping pong balls in their aquariums; when these balls float on the tank surface, they enjoy pushing them here and there. Thoroughly wash these balls and other foreign materials with warm water before introducing them to your bettas.

What Type Of Decor Is Best For Betta Fish Aquarium?

Adding different beautiful pieces to decorate the Betta tank can enhance the landscape and give them a homey feeling. In addition, you can add dense vegetation like leaves, balls, logs, plants, etc., to stimulate the fish since it will be imitating their natural environment.

Are Tannins Good For Bettas?

Yes, wild bettas live in dark or tanned waters like rice paddies or ponds, so to imitate that, we should use tannins in our bettas' tanks. The balanced tannin levels keep them happy and healthy. You can always reduce the leaching of tannins to other decorations or components in the aquarium by introducing activated carbon in the aquarium's filter.

Are Fish Mirrors Recommended?

Probably not! 

A fish mirror might disturb your pet and make it think of another betta in the tank, which it does not like and may attempt to injure or kill itself. Therefore, as per the experts' opinion, using mirror balls in the tank in moderation is allowed.

Final Verdict

Pets are sensitive and need your extensive care and multiple toys to play with and amuse them. A wrong selection of toys and decoration accessories can waste money, injure your pet, and spoil the tank environment. Instead of getting worried or scrolling here and there, you can explore our well-researched fish decoration items that will pay off your investment.

Our decoration items are so impressive that they make fish enclosures chic and uplift your home's beauty. So, pick the one you think is compatible with your tank and fish lifestyle. However, for us, GSD Star-Fish Broken Barrel Decor is the most stylish; biorb Sea Lily White is fairly priced; and Betta Aquarium Cave Decorations is the most versatile one! The rest is all up to you!

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