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the best betta fish decorations
May 16, 2023

The 10 Best Decorations For Betta Fish - Reviews & Buyer Guide

Bettas are curious, intelligent, and somehow aggressive; in order to keep them engaged and happy, owners are recommended to keep fish accessories, toys, and decorative materials in...
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Best Aquarium Filters for Large Tanks
October 7, 2022

The 10 Best Aquarium Filters for Large Tanks - Reviews & Guide

Are you wondering how to get the best filter to replenish your aquarium with oxygen and a healthy moving environment? Don't worry; here we are! We have the 10 Best […]...
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A person cleaning a fish tank. Brown text box on the left contains the text
July 19, 2022

How To Clean Your Fish Tank: Step By Step Guide

It's a matter of give and take. Give them the environment they want and they'll give you back the happiness you crave for. That's you and the fishes in your […]...
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Image of a betta fish in an aquarium with plants in the background. Brown textbox on the left says
March 29, 2022

8 Low Maintenance Fish for Beginners

Keeping fish has become a popular pastime for many people over the last few decades. Many people consider tanks and fish collections to be cherished belongings, and others even rai...
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How to Lower PH in Aquarium
January 4, 2022

How to Lower PH in Aquarium Safely and Naturally: Top Proven Methods

Checking the PH levels in your fish tank on a regular basis is of utmost importance. You want to keep it balanced because if the PH level is too high […]...
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Best aquarium water test kits
March 23, 2021

The 10 Best Aquarium Water Test Kits Review & Buyer Guide

An Aquarium water test kit is something that an aquarist cannot do without. It is crucial to measure all the tank’s water parameters and adjust if anything is found wanting. [&he...
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Best Canister Filters For Aquariums
September 19, 2020

What is The Best Canister Filter For Your Aquarium? 10 Best Picks Reviewed

A great filtration system is a pre-requisite for providing a clean environment for your aquatic buddies. It also helps to prevent the tank from getting dirty. These filters are als...
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August 19, 2020

The 10 Best Aquarium Heaters in 2024 Reviews & Buyer Guide

Did you know that having an aquarium with fishes is good for your health? However, did you know that the right heater for the aquarium is essential for the health […]...
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